Communicating Feedback Effectively

This short E-learning module will teach participants how to deal with negative team behaviours, give and receive feedback. This is a section of the "Dynamics of Team Building" training.

Dealing with negative team behaviours

Team Member Performance Matrix

In our consideration of negative team behaviours, we recognize that team members do not perform at the same level of performance. The chart above shows us the categorization of team members into "burden" and "resource", which may lead to "Leader-Member Exchange Theory" (subject of another E-learning module). 

It is important to consider that unsatisfactory levels of performance may not be unconnected to negative behaviours that require improvement.

Identifying Negative Team Behaviours

  1. Aggressor 
  2. Blocker 
  3. Recognition seeker 
  4. Dominator 
  5. Help seeker
  6. And many more............

Dealing With Negative Team Behaviours

The diagram to the left shows steps that can be taken to deal with negative team behaviours. We will now look at each of the steps in details.

Identify Negative Team Behaviours

Deal With Identified Behaviours

Re-evaluate Regularly


What is Feedback?

Feedback is the art of giving efficient and useful response to information given or actions taken.

Feedback Model - BIC

Feedback Model - SEED

Characteristics of Effective Feedback

  1. Positive, supportive and constructive 

  2. Given at the appropriate time 

  3. Give thought to the feedback process 

  4. Provide specific improvement suggestions 

  5. Follow up

Feedback Model - SARAH

Course Test

  • Feedback should be positive and supportive
  • Specific improvement suggestions make feedback more helpful
  • Upfront preparation is required to make feedback more effective
  • Shouting helps drive feedback home
  • There is no need to explain observable behaviour when giving feedback
  • The impact of observed behaviour should be explained when giving feedback
  • It is not important to seek the receiver's point of view after feedback is given
Choose the correct statements from the list. Multiple answers are allowed.