Process Update - Vehicle Health Check

The purpose of this e-learning course is to teach you the new process relating to the Vehicle Health Check and why it is important and contributes to Halo's Extraordinary Customer Service. 

Process E-Learning Course - VHC

What is a Vehicle Health Check and why do we do it?

Vehicle Health Check 

As part of the service at Halo, we provide a Vehicle Health Check for the Customer to advise them of any issues with their vehicle such as low tyre tread depth, low oil, light bulb out. 

The Customer Service Advisor is responsible for communicating this information via an email which is sent to the Customer at the end of the repair. 

This service is free of charge and plays an important role in improving the Customer experience. 

What is the Customer Service Advisor process?

VERY urgent & Non urgent concerns (safety related or potential risk to driver and other road users)

These will be written on the VHC sheet by the Production Manager and handed in at the end of the repair. ALL issues which have been noted must be run through with an Estimator via telephone – this is to ensure the insurance company are updated if required, the explanation to a customer is correct and so they can advise the CSA what wording to use in the return email.

This includes (but is not limited to) No oil cap, oil leaks, bulges in tyres, seatbelt issues, warning lights, old repairs, battery charge poor etc

FOC Courtesies – Standard VHC info

i.e. washer fluid topped up, bulb replaced etc

This information is to be provided as part of your return email. Please see the example.