School of WooHoo - Chapter 1: How does a customer apply with WooHoo? - Activity 2

Welcome to Chapter 1: How does a customer apply with WooHoo? - Activity 2

After completing this chapter, you will be understand and able to explain to a customer how to apply and advise of any requirements needed.

If you get an answer incorrect, it will tell you the correct answer and on occasion, a further explanation. Please do not attempt the question again, just move on to the next question.

Use your resources such as Woogle wisely and ensure you fully read the question before answering.

Good luck!

Chapter 1: How does a customer apply with WooHoo?

1. Name three types of identification that we can accept

  • Driver’s Licence
  • Work ID
  • Passport
  • Firearms Licence
  • Student ID
  • Birth Certficate

2. Can the identification be expired?

  • No, we require a current identification
  • Yes, if it is within one year
  • Yes, if it is within 6 months

3. When the customer submits identification to the office;

  • We also require a completed Authorisation form, signed and dated.

4. Fill in the blanks...

The customer has to provide identification within before their application expires.

The authority needs to contain the customer’s , IRD or WooHoo ID number, and the date. 

5. What can you offer a Christchurch based customer?

  • To send a company representative to the customer's address to collect ID copies
  • To visit our office during business hours to fulfil the ID requirements

6. What must you always ensure when accepting identification and an authorisation form? Select all relevant factors.