Sample Test for GYANA

This is a sample test. 

Please click on your choice of actions in each case. Some situations may have have more than one preferable choice.

Question 1

  • Make sure that you define the responsibilities of the team, present an overview of the design process you are going to use, direct the work of the team in developing the new project, and closely monitor progress in implementing the project.
  • Direct the work of the team in designing and implementing the new project and encourage team members to work together by recommending ideas, making decisions on the final design, and implementing the project.
  • Facilitate the work of the team by encouraging cooperation and involvement of all team members as they design and implement the new project.
  • Allow the team to design and implement the project on their own with your support and with the resources that you have given them.

You serve as the Project Director in your department and have been assigned responsibility to design and implement a new initiative. You have hired/recruited a Project Team that is eager to begin work with you in developing and implementing the new initiative. You have scheduled a series of planning meetings with your Team. At these first meetings of the Team, you would....

Question 2

  • Use several Team meetings to direct the work of the team in creating the new programs, while teaching the new members about the organization’s work and their new role. Then work to closely monitor the performance of the entire team as they introduce the new projects.
  • Guide the entire team in creating the new projects, incorporate the ideas and suggestions of all team members, encourage effective teamwork, and take time to introduce the new team members.
  • Welcome the new members to the team, put them with other members of the team who can help them learn how to design and implement the organization’s projects, while you facilitate team development and teamwork.
  • Ask if there is anything you can do to help the new members and support their excitement about being new team members.

The Team that you coordinate as Project Director has been working well together over the past year to design and implement the organization’s plans and projects with your input and facilitation. As the new year begins a number of new projects are being introduced and several new members are being added to the team who do not have previous experience with your projects. You would....