TimeTarget Online - Rosters & Timesheets

This course will show you how to

  1. View your Rosters
  2. View your Timesheets


This course requires no responses, no score applicable


Viewing Rosters

Select Rosters from the Employee Menu

The Calendar shows you which dates you have shifts, if + (1) More is displayed you need to click to see the next or subsequent shifts for that date.

Alternatively the List View button will display all the shifts and the detail in a chronological list

This view is the recommended view as it saves you having to click on each date for the full detail of your Rostered shifts.

Note: some shifts are rostered with a break inside them where as other shifts are rostered as two rows with the break being the time between them.

If you are unable to work your Rostered shift you'll need to contact your Supervisor

To save List View as your default click on the cog button, click on List View and click Save.

Viewing the Department Roster

There are two reports which will show you the Roster for your whole Department. 

As each Department uses the system differently you may find one report much more suitable than the other.

Make sure AFCT is highlighted in orange

The Department list shows which rosters you are able to view, highlight in orange the ones you want see

In the Roles list leave all the roles highlighted in orange

Note: There may be things listed in the Departments and Roles list which aren't Departments and Roles but select what you want to see and the report will display correctly

Skip the Employees tab and the Settings tab and go to the Date Range tab instead

select the date range of the roster you want to see

Then click the Preview button in the bottom right hand corner

Your report will appear something like this (depending which selections you  made).

If there's more than one page click on the left and right arrows to view the other page(s)


Viewing timesheets

You can view your timesheets in the same screen, simply locate the date and click on it to view all the information.

Click on the blue text to open the timesheet

The timesheet above is showing as Authorised in green text.

Alternatively to view multiple timesheets at once, the List View is preferable

Click on the List View button

Your detailed timesheets for the Month selected all appear one under another.

The Authorised column will show 'Yes' if authorised