STEP One (copy)

Student Tailored Education Plan


Have you chosen a career path that you are interested in pursuing? Do you know what you want to be when you grow up?

If yes, what career path did you choose and what interests you about it? If no, what is your plan to make a decision?

Have you considered your strengths, gifts, talents, skills, passions, or motivators and how that relates to your chosen career(s)?

Outside of your academic classes, it is important to develop your skill set to become more competitive in the job market.

Did you review the 12 Essentials for Success?


Based on your career, academic, financial, and personal goals, do you feel like you are in the right major/program?

What is your declared major and how will it help you reach your education and career goals? If undecided, what major(s) are you interested in?

What classes do you plan on taking next semester?

What is your primary goal at LDSBC?

What academic resources do you feel you would benefit from?


Do you have a plan to pay for school next semester?

How do you plan to finance your education

Will you be applying for student health insurance next semester?

Do you intend to work while in school?

What are your financial goals?


Do you feel like you will have a successful semester?

What do you feel will be the key(s) to a successful semester?

Do you foresee any challenges? How will you overcome them? Health issues, poor study habits, anxieties, work, social life, housing, roommates, etc.

In a typical week, how many hours will you spend in the following categories?

Time Management

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In a typical week, how many hours will you spend in the following categories?


Was this process helpful?

If yes, what was helpful? If no, what can we do better?

Do you intend to serve a mission before you graduate from LDSBC?

What brought you here to LDS Business College? Please check all that apply, then explain in the open box below.