Introduction to LearnZillion

LearnZillion builds products that empower teachers both in and beyond the classroom. Today over 1.3 million teachers rely on LearnZillion's digital curriculum to better understand and apply the Common Core Standards.  This course provides teachers with an overview of the platform and steps for integrating LearnZillion lessons into classrooms to engage and challenge students.

At the conclusion of this course you will be able to: 

  1. Identify the basic types of LearnZillion content
  2. Create an account
  3. Browse curriculum guides, libraries, and lessons 
  4. Create classes and student accounts
  5. Assign lessons
  6. Introduce LearnZillion to students and families
  7. Track and monitor student progress
  8. Access additional resources from LearnZillion

What is LearnZillion?

Why LearnZillion?

What does LearnZillion mean to Julie McGough? 

Meet one of the LearnZillion Dream Team teachers and the impact LearnZillion has made in her classroom.  

What is included with the content?

LearnZillion offers digital curriculum for both math and ELA that promotes productive struggle in traditional and blended classrooms. 


LearnZillion’s math lesson plans and activities are organized within units and have been carefully sequenced across the school year. Our content area experts recommend that you teach lessons in sequence — as many build off of each other — but they can also be more flexibly implemented to fit the needs of your classroom and learners.

Every lesson plan in the K-8 math curriculum includes:

  • Targeted standards for content and practice
  • Brief overviews of the lesson and its content
  • Supporting visuals, videos, and slides that can be easily projected for the whole class
  • Teacher’s notes to support usage
  • Guiding questions and answers to facilitate mathematics discourse
  • Suggested intervention and extension materials
  • Practice exercises with annotated teacher’s guides
  • Any required supplementary materials — such as printable flashcards or worksheets


LearnZillion’s close reading lessons are designed to help teachers achieve the depth of the Common Core State Standards in literacy. The lessons offer everything teachers need to implement a five-day close reading of a text — including the anchor text, sequenced text-dependent questions, teaching notes, a culminating writing task, and intervention videos (comprehension skills video) to differentiate based on student performance.

The materials allow teachers to turn to critical decisions about implementation (such as grouping of students), allowing them to adapt the lessons to fit the needs of their individual classroom. The teacher facilitates exploration of the text and employs direct instruction, modeling, and think-alouds to develop student thinking skills. See an example of two 5-day reading modules in the image below. 

LearnZillion’s emphasis on close reading is rooted in Common Core Anchor Standards 1 and 10, which expect textual evidence, logical inferences, and independence in reading and discussing literary and informational texts. Together, these standards ask teachers to equip students with the skills to independently use comprehension skills while reading along an increasing ladder of text complexity.


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  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Math
  • ELA

Multiple Choice (check all that apply)

The LearnZillion lessons cover which subject areas? 

How do I get started?

Create an account

Follow these steps to create your LearnZillion account: 

1.  Open a web browser and got to the URL. 

2. Click the green Sign Up button in the top right corner of the screen.

3. Navigate to the "Teacher" tab.

4. Enter your first and last name, your email address, and your password. 

5. Enter your profile information.

6. Contact your school's LearnZillion project lead if you experience any difficulties when creating your account. 

Browse curriculum guides, libraries & lessons

Browsing Tips

This video is a great tutorial outlining the best ways to navigate the content library but here are few key tips to keep in mind when browsing: 

  • Start by browsing the full lesson plans for math and the collections for ELA. 
  • On the Math or ELA tabs, select the All option to access additional filter and sorting options.
  • Filter by your grade level. 
  • Tag your favorite lessons with the Favorites feature.

Create classes & student accounts

Part 1 - Create a class:

1. Click "My Classes" in the blue navigation bar:

2. Click the pink "Create A New Class" button.

3. Name your class
4. Click "Add New Student"
5. Click the link to add students to your roster. 
6. Add students to your roster individually or by copying and pasting a class list. Be sure to click "Save to Roster."

7. Record the unique student enrollment code for each student or download all the enrollment codes along with student-facing instructions.

Part 2 - Create Student Accounts:

1. Students go to and click on the magnifying glass icon:

2. Students type their unique enrollment code into the Search bar and press enter. Note that these are NOT case sensitive so students do not need to use capital letters. 

3. Students will be taken to a screen where they can choose their username and password. Usernames must be unique. Common usernames like "mjones" or "dallascowboys" will likely be taken. You may need to help your student create unique usernames. We recommend combinations of names and more unique identifiers such as student ID numbers, birthdays, etc.

4. Students will then be logged into their site and will see any new assignments waiting for them!
5. As students begin to enroll, you can return to your class to see which students have completed their enrollment and which students are still pending. You can then help those "pending" students complete their enrollment process.


Assign lessons

The “Assign” feature is a flexible, easy way to assign videos and lesson materials to students, parents, and colleagues. It’s great for small groups and on-the-fly sharing in class. Follow the directions below to learn how to assign a lesson using an “LZ Code.”

Once students’ quizzes have been graded, you can click on the colored circles (indicating correct or incorrect answers) in order to see their specific responses.

Step 1: Teacher Assigns the Lesson

1. Log in to your teacher account.

2. Click on any Lesson available within our resources.

3. Select the pink “Quick Assign” button in the top lefthand corner, next to the lesson title. The LearnZillion Code and assignment URL will appear.

4. You can either copy the LearnZillion Code OR the assignment URL and share it with students, or you can directly assign it to your students - by class or individually.

Share the LZ Code or Link:

Assign directly to students or classes:

Step 2: Students View the Lesson

1. Have students navigate to and log in. 

2. To access the lesson, students or family members can enter the LearnZillion code in the search bar. This is a great option for those who might have difficulty remembering their usernames. 

3. If the lesson was directly assigned, students can login to their account and navigate to “Assignments” on the top right menu.

Introduce LearnZillion to students and families

Once you are ready to start using LearnZillion with your students, have some fun introducing the product to your students and families with the following suggestions or create your own unique strategies for building excitement.  


  • Recruit a team of LZ Student Ambassadors to train small groups of students. 
  • Conduct a hands-on workshop during homeroom or computer lab session. 


  • Assign "homework" to your students to train their family members. 
  • Conduct a hands-on workshop at Back-to-School Night. 
  • Offer webinars delivered by you or your Student Ambassadors. 
  • Recruit a team of LZ Family Ambassadors to train family members and serve as ongoing resources.

Track and monitor student progress


Teachers Monitor and Grade Assignments

1. Navigate to "Assignments” on the top right menu next to your name.

2. Select the assignment you want to view.

3. Choose the “Who viewed this” tab to see who viewed your assignment. This list of names will include students logged in on your roster and visitors who were not logged in.

4. Click “Reports” to see who completed your assignment.

5. Select “Grade” on the “Reports” page to grade and close your assignment. If you would like to allow students to retake the quiz, you will have to click the “Ungrade and reopen” button.

6. Looking for more information? Click on any of the circle icons to see your students' responses and the correct answer.

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You can assign lessons to students by providing a lesson code or by selecting the assign button on the lesson page. 

Where can I learn more?

Your Project Team & Community

Your School Community

Your school has a dedicated project team and user community to help support you. You will be hearing from your team soon with more details!!!!

LearnZillion Help

LearnZillion offers an online help system within the platform to provide on-demand resources and step by step instructions. You will find information grouped in the following topics: 

  • About LearnZillion
  • Getting Started
  • Content Overview
  • ELA Content
  • Math Content
  • Managing Teacher Accounts
  • Managing Student Accounts
  • For Parents
  • Assignments & Reporting
  • Technical and Troubleshooting

Select the link on the top menu bar within the product to access the help content. 

Next Steps

Where to start? 

Congratulations!! You have successfully completed the Introduction to LearnZillion course. Are you excited to start? Here is a handy task-list to guide you. Keep in mind you can always access this course again online or print it out using the Print to PDF option on the home page of the course. But don't forget that the best place to get help is in the online help library.  

  1. Create your account.
  2. Browse lessons and mark favorites.
  3. Choose one lesson to pilot with a small group of students. 
  4. Create class(es) and distribute codes to students
  5. Assign lessons to students.
  6. Introduce LearnZillion to your students. 
  7. Introduce LearnZillion to your families. 
  8. Share your experiences with your peers through your LearnZillion community. 
  9. Consider joining the LearnZillion Dream Team to share your own lesson ideas!! 

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I can only find answers to my questions from my school's LearnZillion project team.