Project Management Concepts

Project Management is definitely unique in its own sense join this course and see why.

LO1: Able to identify between project management and any other form of management.

Which of the following is true regarding project management.

Managing project vs Managing people or departments is very similar although they have some key differences. However, some senior managers belief that project management is more difficult.

Both these fields of management need some individuals with strong leadership skill, for someone to be a good leader they need to have followers and without them the consequences could be dire. Communication is critical for all types of management and would ensure or contribute to the effectiveness of any project.  Project managers communicate 90% of the time and that is of utmost importance. However, management and project management is similar in certain instances the key difference is that project managers don’t have authority over their team members but rather over the project as a hole that’s why good leadership/management skills is of utmost importance, because they don’t have the authority to hire and fire as traditional managers have. While they can’t hire and fire they can hold their team members accountable and that’s why they should ensure that they have effective team supervisor who share the same goal as they do, as this would improve the probability of pointing out team members that’s slacking or performing substandard.

Something that makes project managers approach their work differently than supervisors is that a project manager is not necessarily an expert in a project’s subject matter while supervisors are experts in their staffs’ business. But they are experts in the project management process which enables them to ensure that projects get completed successfully. The project manager would provide the plan to ensure the project gets completed successful where the supervisor would be actively involved in implementing the plan and looking at ways to do so best.

Project management and people management share many of the same necessary skills and abilities; however, the jobs are dissimilar in their authority and technical expertise. Both present interesting and challenging career paths for those who have leadership, communication and organizational skills.

(Roberts, 2017)

  • Project Management is a lot more hands on and the project manager communicates a lot to all staff members , but its of utmost importance that they have good leadership skills and followers that support them.
  • They have authority over all staff and can hire and fire as the need desires.
  • They have authority over all staff and can hire and fire as the need desires.
  • They have authority over the project and if performance issues is detected which may influence the outcome of the project, they need to liaise with the supervisors and iron out any irregularities. To dismiss staff for not performing is part of the project managers responsibilities.
  • Project managers have great knowledge on all the projects they work with, and knows the in and outs of that respective company.