Project Management Modular Course

There are many project management courses out there - so why try this one?  This course will give you an overview of project management, understand when to use the project management approach, investigate different methodologies and then provide you with the 8 Steps of Project Management.  The course is divided into two modules culminating in creating and project plan and implementing it.  

Module 2: Learning Objective 2

Which is not one of the 8 steps of project management?

In this learning outcome the learner will need to describe in detail the 8 sequential steps of project management.  The learner will be given a diagram of the 8 steps with an explanation of how each of these steps interact with one another and how they build onto each to create a successful project.  The learner will need to assess which part of the steps are directly linked to the planning of the project and which are related to the implementation of the project.  The learner will need to explain the differences required in these two aspects of the project. 

The learner will then be required to critically evaluate each step to ensure understanding.  They will need to be able to explain why it is important to follow the steps sequentially and identify potential areas where there may be challenges.  They will also be expected to provide potential solutions for these challenges.  For example if in stage 1 – Getting the project underway, the learner identifies that this is where resource allocation starts they will need to identify the potential challenges in this.  Examples of challenges could be lack of skills available in the time requires, preferred skills working on other projects, etc. and the learner would need to give recommendations on how to resolve these types of issues. 

The learner will then need to identify what skills or competencies would be require for each step for example resourcing in step 1, Microsoft Office Project Management in Step 2, costing models in Step 4 etc. and how these skills/products/processes would be resourced and/or procured. 

Finally the learner would need to identify key success criteria for each of the 8 steps so that each step can be evaluated for successful delivery, implementation, effectiveness and efficiency.  A case study of project management and planning in the marine industry will be shared as the main example of project management in practice, using multiple YouTube sources.

  • Planning the quality, time, and cost
  • Project start up
  • Controlling WIP
  • Tender process
  • Follow-up, wrap up and evaluation