The Aleph Champ Teacher Training Course

Make this Aleph Champ year a successful one.

Course contains: 

- 3 modules broken down into 7 lessons

- Highly engaging videos

- Review questions


Compiled by the the Aleph Champ team, with voice over by Aleph Champ founder Chani marcus

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Module 1 - Aleph Champ Overview

Lesson 1.1 - Intro to the course

Lesson 1.1 from Aleph Champ on Vimeo.


Why was aleph champ created?

Spot on!  You're an Aleph Champ!

  • So teachers can have a break
  • For kids to learn how to speak Hebrew
  • For new and exciting ways for students to learn Hebrew reading

What is the motivation for the children doing aleph champ?

  • Recess
  • Aleph Champ Games
  • The karate color system

What is the goal at aleph champ?

  • To let kids have fun
  • To learn how to speak Hebrew
  • For the child to be confident enough to read hebrew

Lesson 1.2 - The Mesorah Method

Lesson 1.2 - The Mesorah Method from Aleph Champ on Vimeo.


Why is it important to teach the mesorah way?

  • Students are imbued with a sensitivity to spirituality
  • Because it’s nice to keep to traditions
  • Educators say it is the best method for learning a language

Why shouldn’t we rush the process of teaching hebrew?

  • It will be harder for kids to learn
  • It is the foundation of our Judaism
  • It will create more confusion

Lesson 1.3 - Karate Inspiration

Lesson 1.3 - Karate Inspiration from Aleph Champ on Vimeo.


What is the role of the Sensei?

  • To provide clear goals and guidance
  • To compliment the students
  • To test the student's every so often

When should a student be tested?

  • When the student really wants to move on
  • When the parents feel the student is ready to pass
  • When the sensi decides the student is ready.

How should slower students be dealt with?

  • Ignore it and let the student figure it out
  • sensitivity and individually by the head staff.
  • Exceptions shouldn’t be made

Module 2 - How it works

Lesson 2.1 - Levels and Stripes

Lesson 2.1 - levels and stripes from Aleph Champ on Vimeo.


What do orange level, yellow level and green level have in common?

  • They come right after each other in the rainbow
  • They each cover 3 vowels
  • They each cover 22 letters

The exceptions are found in what level?

  • yellow
  • grey
  • blue

What is the focus of purple champ onwards?

  • spelling
  • fluency and accuracy
  • pronunciation

What is the # of WPM for black?

  • 50
  • 40
  • 20

Why are stripes necessary?

  • Because it reflects the karate system
  • Breaks level down into smaller, more attainable goals
  • Helps kids focus

Lesson 2.2 - Using the Resources

Lesson 2.2 - Using the resources from Aleph Champ on Vimeo.


What is most important Aleph Champ item?

  • Readers
  • Workbooks
  • Games

What is the purpose of bookmarks?

  • For teachers to keep track of their progress
  • For students to keep track of their progress
  • For parents to keep track of their progress

Why is it important for higher levels to use flashcards?

  • To give them something to keep busy with while you focus on lower levels
  • To constantly review the basics
  • To give them different materials to use to practice with

Module 3 - Putting it to Use

Lesson 3.1 - The Schedule

Lesson 3.1 The Schedule from Aleph Champ on Vimeo.


Why is it important to keep to a strict schedule?

  • So students can gain the maximum amount of time to read hebrew
  • So the students see who’s boss
  • Because a good Hebrew school runs with set structure

What is the purpose of warmups

  • To get everyone excited to learn
  • To ensure everyone reviews their basics
  • To start off the lesson with everyone in sync

What is the role of the Champ Coach?

  • To monitor progress and to pass students
  • To pass students and to assign homework
  • To make sure everyone is behaving

Lesson 3.2 - The Tracking System

Lesson 2.2 - The Tracking System from Aleph Champ on Vimeo.


What is the purpose of the tracking system?

  • To be able to tell parents where the students are holding
  • To make sure kids are progressing from level to level
  • To give the students smaller goals to accomplish

Why is it important to celebrate achievement?

  • So kids are motivated to learn more
  • To show parents that student is learning
  • Students really need certificates and awards

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