Medical Education Executive Curriculum MEEC

The Socialist Republic of Vietnam has been experiencing a steep socioeconomic growth while still struggling with providing proper healthcare due to shortage of well-trained doctors (Yen Nhi, 2013). With the support of Harvard Medical School and the University of Geneva Faculty of Medicine, Vietnam’s premier medical school, the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Ho Chi Minh City UMP, radically revised its curriculum implementing up-to-date medical education including active collaborative learning skills. In order to build capacity and implement innovative medical education at Vietnamese medical schools, a generalized implementation training curriculum termed “medical education executive curriculum MEEC” consisting of several modules will be provided to the faculty and leadership of Vietnamese medical schools. The modules will introduce and demonstrate the basics of medical education relevant to local institutions, train best practices and work-flows, and relate to leadership and team-building skills to ensure sustainability

• Sub-Topic #1: Organ-System Based Medical Education Aligned to the Institution. Untitled section

Introduction to the concepts, applications, governance skills and developments necessary to implement an organ-based medical program aligned to the needs and capacity of the individual institution.

• Sub-Topic #2: Executive Faculty Development for Learner Centered Education. Untitled section

Identification of specific teaching needs and training of active learning methods face-to-face.

• Sub-Topic #3: Executive Faculty Development for Modular Curriculum Education. Untitled section

UntitlThe content of this module will combine curriculum governance training (leadership) with active learning methods face-to-face. ed content

Untitled section

Untitled The content of this module will provide ongoing and special training to support emerging training needs.content