Be Here Now Practice

Welcome to the Be Here Now practice course. This course will help you to practice being here now. 

What is Be Here Now and why does it matter?

How can practicing Be Here Now help you to be a better leader?

“What we are doing in this moment is what matters the most. Be mindful.” ― Debasish Mridha

Reflection Questions:

  1. Can you relate to this image?

  2. What does it represent to you?

As you read the examples of people not being here now below and reflect on how often you tend to be distracted...

Sarah finished describing the complicated situation and asked, “What do you think? Should we go forward?” Her supervisor blinked and said, “What? ... I’m sorry, what did you say?”

Although the budget meeting started right on time—the director of marketing was standing in the doorway giving last minute instructions to an assistant; the head of information services was reviewing a new printout; the sales manager was talking on a cellular phone to an important client; and two other department heads were discussing a problem with the head of communications.

 Sam made it to his son’s little league game at the last minute but his head was still full of the crisis at work. On the way home Tommy gushed non-stop about the game, then suddenly stopped and wailed, “Dad, you are not listening!”

It happens every day—two people have a conversation but one of them is not really there; a meeting is held but participants are concerned about other issues; a person goes home but leaves his or her mind at the office. When people are doing one thing but thinking about another, they are generally not effective at either. How often does this happen to you?

Be Here Now Grounding

Why does it matter?

The phrase “Be Here Now” has been popularized in modern books, but the concept has been known and practiced for centuries. In its simplest form “Be Here Now” means that my mind will be in the same place as my body. Ancient philosophers talked of“living in the moment” while business leaders attribute much of their success to their ability to “focus” and not get caught up in the distractions of life and work.

Why is it valuable? 

One of the most valuable results of practicing Be Here Now is that we become far more effective listeners due to our increased focus on the person speaking and what they have to say. Not only do those with whom we interact feel good about themselves because of the increased sense of respect we demonstrate but we tend to learn more because our mind has “been at home” to receive the message being delivered.

How can it help me? 

By concentrating and focusing on the “here and now,” we can reduce much of the stress in our lives that comes from worrying about both the past and the future. The past is history and cannot be changed. The future is yet to be and will be determined by the actions of today. To focus on the now is to reduce much of the stress we encounter in life. 

Practice Assignment #1

Be Here Now Assignment #1:

Your first assignment is intended to help you become more aware of when you are being here now and when you aren't and how it impacts your personal effectiveness and connection to others.

Your assignment is to practice being here now with who you are with and what you are doing for the next 24 hrs. 

Please share your results by answering the question on the following page. 

How often did you find yourself distracted during the practice assignment and how did this impact what you were doing and who you were with?

What did you learn from your first assignment? 

How effective were you being here now with what you were doing and who you were with?