The Sales Pipeline

Hi, by now you should know have attended the first workshop about the Sales Pipeline. Let's see how good your memory is!

The Sales Pipeline

Why is it important to understand the sales pipeline?

  • To appreciate the effort that Sales reps go through
  • We have aggressive sales targets to hit in 2017, 2018, 2019
  • Unorganised pipelines leads to chaos

A formalised process with a well-managed pipeline leads to:

  • 53% increase in forecasted deals won
  • 63% increase in reps making quotas
  • 88% increase in companies hitting targets
  • All of the above

Match the stages to their definitions

  • Lead generation
    Identify possible prospects that resemble the persona.
  • Qualification
    Introduction/Situation Analysis. Understand the customer's Need/Want vs 1-Stop Need/Want to make a decision if this is a genuine opportunity. do they have the budget to spend? Are they looking to buy?
  • Proposal
    Demonstrate how our product or solution can solve their issues. Monetise value simultaneously.
  • Decision
    The prospect will decide whether to buy or not. They may want to review or negotiate the price, and we can look for other opportunities to collaborate.
  • Repeat business
    Once we deliver the product and invoice, they’re now a customer. Stay in touch, nurture the relationship to encourage further sales or referrals.

Interest, lead or opportunity?


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