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AP100 Accounts Payable Setup

Vendor Setup Video

Vendor Setup Quiz

  • You can make a Vendor Active or On Hold.
  • The Vendor type is a template that holds the Vendor's address.
  • Any information auto populated from the Vendor Class can be changed on a Vendor to Vendor basis.
  • You cannot have multiple locations for a Vendor.
  • You have to add a Warehouse for each Vendor.

AP200 Accounts Payable Transactions

AP Bill Entry Video

AP Bill Entry Quiz

  • The first screen the screen asks for is Type.
  • You cannot do Prepayments in this screen.
  • You have to have a PO receipt to enter a Bill for a Vendor.
  • You have to Release the Bill that was entered for it to be available to pay.
  • You can change the GL accounts on each line of the bill.

Check Run Video

Check Run Quiz

  • Approve Bills for Payment is the screen you start in for a check run.
  • You have to approve all open Bills for payment.
  • The second step in the check run process is Prepare Payment/Print Check
  • You can reprint a check after you've processed the release payment program.
  • You can reprint a check from the Checks and Payments screen.

Quick Check Video

Quick Check Quiz

  • Quick Checks cannot be done for inventory items.
  • Quick Checks must have a description.
  • The Payment Ref field will fill itself in with the check number used for the Quick Check.
  • You do not have to run the Release Payment program for Quick Checks.

1099 Process

1099 Process Quiz

  • You have to setup a Vendor to require a 1099.
  • The Tax Registration field is located on the General Info tab of the Vendor.
  • The Close 1099 Year screen will show you the total amount for each type of 1099s .
  • You have 3 report options under the Reports tab in the Close 1099 Year.