Level 1 Customer Service

Welcome to our on-line customer service training at Mairead O'Leary Opticians. We hope you enjoy it and we look forward to your feedback. 

The Just Passing Customer - Greeting, establishing rapport, being friendly, being helpful, questioning.

A young couple enter the store on a Monday morning shortly after opening.

Customers like to be greeted and acknowledged once they visit the practice. The style of service at Mairead O'Leary Opticians is not to pounce on people and sell, but to build at trusted long term relationship with our customers. The initial greeting should be warm and friendly with a welcoming smile. We are honoured that these patrons have entered our home! yes our home. That is the mindset that will carry through to our body language. It is widely believed that 70% of our our communication is with our body language 20% with our tone and 10% with our words.   People make decisions with their emotions, so our connections to them is at an emotional level. That is how trust is built step by step.  However the words we use, the tone of voice we use, is important as it assists us in making our body language communicate our meaning to our customers. 

  • Hello. How can I help you.
  • Hi and Good morning. I am Colette. Can I help you ?
  • Hello and Welcome. My name is Colette. How can I be of assistance this morning ?

We were just passing and didn't realise that there was an opticians here

The science of building rapport was discovered by accident in the 90's when it was realised that we have mirror neurons in our brains, which are constantly checking for friend or foe.  People who are like us, are trusted more quickly.  People naturally distrust people who are not like them.  Rapport is the science of "Likeness".  Likeness is how we dress, how fast we speak, how our pitch and tone. How we move our bodies when we speak and communicate. Our facial expressions are universally interpreted. We may not realise it, but we are always sending a message with our facial expressions. We must ensure that it is the message that we want to transmit, not what is happening by accident.  

  • Oh we have been here for years!
  • I'm glad you found us and lots of people tell us that.
  • The practice was started by Mairead 27 years ago and there is a second one in (Rathmines / Blanchardstown)
  • You are now very welcome. While we have recently upgraded the practice it has been established now 30 years. Have you worn spectacles for long ?

Customer Comments "Oh it must have been the fit out - I knew there was an optician on the ground floor." How to you respond ?

A good customer service process is defined and has a structure. The structure is a series of steps to ensure that you build trust with the customer, positioning the practice as a premium service optician and identifying and exploring all the customer needs and educating them in a way that is relevant to those needs both today and in the future.  

  • Oh that could be Vision Express or Specsavers.
  • Lots of people have said they like the new fit out. We just finished it last week.
  • I hope you like our new fit-out which is being submitted for an award. Our regular patients have given us great feedback. We now have the latest tools to assist patients in choosing the most suitable spectacles for their needs. Sorry I did'nt catch your name ? " Please to meet you John - Mr. Byrne.. Mr. Byrne How long has it been since you had an eye examination ?