5b. Practice: Conducting a trends analysis

Looking beyond the problem

Try it out: Conduct a trends analysis

Use the STEEP framework to conduct a trends analysis for the problem you're focusing on in this course:

  1. Skim news headlines, look at what people are posting and sharing on social networks, and observe what’s happening in your local community to identify trends in each STEEP category.

  2. Use this worksheet to capture lists of trends in each category.

  3. For each trend you’ve identified, ask yourself, “What might this mean for the problem I’m trying to solve?" and  “How could this trend shape or impact my potential solution?”
  4. Highlight or circle the trends within each category that could have the greatest impact on the problem, or the type of solution you should create. 
  5. Focus on these trends as sources of design inspiration to refine your existing concepts or come up with new solution ideas.

Share and reflect

Share with your problem-specific learning group:

  • A description of 2-3 of the ideas you generated during this activity, and the relevant trends that inspired them.
  • Which trends were most helpful as sources of design inspiration, and why?