Example Questions

Example Questions

Example Content

This is standard Content.

  • Like Power point....

SINGLE CHOICE What answer is the best?

  • I like this answer
  • But you can only pick ONE
  • So only one at a time

MULTIPLE CHOICE Which answers are best?

  • Maybe this one?
  • Or this one?
  • Options....
  • More options
  • Lots of things
  • even more

SINGLE CHOICE IMAGE Which image is the best?

FILL IN THE BLANK Whats the best option?

Here is a fill in the blank question with drop down.

Often Faxson likes to drive to .

Here is a Fill in the Blank question with an open box.

  • you can select to match text, or even multiple answers.
  • Also you can select case sensitive or not.
  • For example The correct answers will be Unicorn/unicorn or Rainbow (with a combination of case sensitivity. So Unicorn, unicorn, and Rainbow will work, but rainbow should not.

The most majestic animal I know is the .

TEXT MATCHING. What goes with what?

  • Porsche
    Macan, 911, Boxer
  • Audi
    R5, R6, R7
  • Volkswagon
    Golf, Jetta, Beetle
  • Volvo
    S60, S80, XC90

DRAG AND DROP TEXT. Label this Stuff.

  • This is the Steering Wheel!!
  • This is the gear knobby thingy!!

STATEMENT (T/F) Which of these are true?

  • Porsche's are Awesome!
  • Cars are going away in the future.
  • This test is super great!
  • Pi = 3.14159265356

IMAGE HOTSPOT (Single Answer) Where can people sit down in here?

IMAGE HOTSPOT (multiple answers) Click the Yellow Cars.

SCENARIO Just Go through the scenario making choices!

RANKING TEXT Put these in the right order.

  • Wake up
  • breakfast
  • morning Work
  • Lunch
  • afternoon work
  • Dinner
  • Go to sleep

OPEN ENDED What do you like to do?