Project management for events co-coordinators

This course is aimed at event planners who has a busy schedule and cannot attend classes. It is interactive filled with facts and useful tips on time management,planning,budgeting etc. 

Project management Principles and tools

identify the 8 steps in project management

Module 1: Project management principles, goals and communication techniques.

Project Management in essence are task set out with a fixed life period. It is normally goal or task orientated. Thus learners will be equipped with the introductory knowledge to project management, what it is? How to implement the project, costing and effectively managing the project team to maximize the resources you have and execute the project effectively.

Because a projects are temporary employees of Exclusive events needs to know that every project has a starting point and an end point that they need to keep in mind before there project commence. Employees will be equipped with the necessary tools need to monitor the project and there teams as well as control all variables.

Since projects are time sensitive the module has highlighted the importance of managing not only the timelines of the project but also the time management for individuals whether in terms of working hours etc.

Below is an example of project management principles 


Figure 1: “what is PM”

Figure 1 speaks to firstly time which we have covered above. Then to cost, when we embark on a new project it is always good to have a breakdown of where funds will be allocated to also monitor the expenditure so that we do not go over our budget. This employees will be receiving a basic overview on budgeting and maintaining their budgets.

A useful tip when implementing a project is to design a Gantt chart it is and effective way for all team members involve to know the timelines and also guarantee project ends on the agreed time 


Figure 2: “

I think in essence the most important tool in managing a project is managing one’s self.

Project manager’s needs to be energetic about their task they need to be disciplined and also be goal orientated.

They need to be a leader as well as assertive in their roles so that they can deliver on the project goals and meet organizational requirements. Communication here is key, they need to give clear instructions on what is required of each member and by when.  

  • start up,planning the quality,planning time,cost,team set up,work in progress,follow up and evaluate
  • planning,start up,cost,team set up,evaluate,follow up,work in progress,time
  • team set up,evaluate,follow up,work in progress,time, start up,planning,follow up and qaulity