Customer Service Scenario in Heliport Operations

In this 10 mins, you will encounter different customer service scenario. You will need to decide how to response to these situations. 

Customer Service Scenario

Before we proceed to the scenario questions, let's look at our Japanese cultures provide their service first, please watch a 3 mins video on the below link and fill in the blank below.


In the video, Omotenashi in Japanese means being very  

Before we proceed to the scenario, let's review the psychological needs of our passengers.

Please match our Passenger Psychological Needs with the correct explanation. 
  • Welcomed
    passengers want us to be happy about their arrival to the Heliport
  • Appreciated
    passengers want us to admire their business with us
  • Valued
    passengers want us to treat them as important persons
  • Understood
    passengers want us to listen to and stand in their perspectives
  • Recognized
    passenger want us to know and remember them

You have learned various skills in Heliport services, let us review all those skills by see how you handle different scenario below.

Scenario 1 - How to welcome our passenger?

In the following scenario, you will show how you communicate and provide a excellent service with our guest Mr Watson. 

Scenario 1 CS skills review  - How to welcome our passenger?

In scenario 1, in order to get 100 marks, the Ground Attendant need to address Mr Watson by his  name, fulfilling his needs of being 

Furthermore, after a passionate greeting that makes him felt , the Ground Attendant "leave the door  "by asking Mr Watson to find him whenever he needs, letting him felt 

Scenario 2 -  How to initiate help to passenger?

Suppose you are the Ground Attendant who serve in the lounge area.

Scenario 2 CS skills review - How to initiate help to passenger?

In scenario 2, in order to get 100 marks, the GA initiate  help with Ms Watson  she ask with a genuine  on the face, addressing Ms Watson by name. 


Then, when Ms Watson asked for things that we did not provide, the Ground Attendant choose to ask for her preferences in order to provide  to her. 


Finally, when Ms Watson asked for the advice from the GA, the GA also choices for her. 




You have finished this refresher of customer services. We guarantee you have reviewed some knowledge and skills in customer services. 

Thanks for your 10 mins time.

It's time for you to apply them in the coming operation!