BTEC 225 Presentation Software

This course will have a selection of resources designed to help you complete your BTEC course.

BTEC 225 Presentation Software

BTEC 225 Presentation Software Task 1/2

Below is a description of items, resources and things you could do before a presentation or slideshow.


When creating a slideshow or presentation it is important to understand the

of what you making. Without a purpose it would be hard to understand what
you need. Content is another really important resource you will need to gather before you make a presentation. Content can include, images, video, graphs and information.


When thinking about the

of your presentation or slideshow, it is a good idea to identify the target
so you know the type of content to add in. Let’s be honest, adults do not want to see or hear anything about Dora the Explorer.


Once you have gathered all your resources, it is important to do some prior

.  This means you will need to take a look at examples of good presentations/slideshows and also look at ones that were not so good so that you avoid making the same mistakes!

You should also consider
constraints. When you copy and paste content from the internet, you may be breaking the law! However, using the correct methods, you are safe. If you find some content that you like, you have a choice to make; how did you find this content? Do you know for sure if it is ok to reuse? Do you have permission? If the answer is yes, then you are good to go! If not, seek advice from someone who knows!

What is the difference between a slideshow and a presentation?

What is the most imporant element for a slideshow?

In this unit, what software are we using to create the slideshow?

Tick all the software that can create presentations or slideshows (tick 3)

Which one of these is the Google Slides logo?

Match the question to its description

Сombine elements from the left column with the elements on the right
Google Slides allows...
...information and pictures
Using Google Drive means... can access your files anywhere with internet connection
Transitions... when objects on a slide moves
Slide master allows you to...
...more than one person work on the same project at one time
Presentations are mostly...
...make a template slide
Slideshows are mostly... how the presentation moves from one slide to the next

Put these in order of most important when making a slideshow or presentation

Understanding of copyright rules
Background template
Market research
Identify target audience