New Hire Training

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Welcome to Post University, this training has been created to make sure you are on the right track as an employee

Purpose of this training is to:

Develop, improve and grow employee resources

Create a clear path for career development

Create an extraordinary work experience

Our Noble Cause

Select the most important factor that will make your experience Extraordinary?

  • Teamwork, cohesion, creativity patience
  • Positive results and success

Authentic: How do you keep it real at work

  • Holding people accountable, honesty, working towards common goal, one team
  • Looks like effective collaboration between departments, communication

Integrity: Do the right thing

  • Accurate, compliant and doing what is right.
  • Compromise on ethics, try not to ask for help.


  • Working in
  • Take the
    High ground

Select how you make sure every Student/Associate matter

  • Providing exceptional experience throughout the student life cycle
  • Treat every student and every associate with the care and concern as if he/she was the first person you ever served

How are you accountable to the tribe

Fixing each others mistakes and turning it into a learning , understanding the departments success and failures

Not dodging issues but head on.  

Making eye contact when things go .


  • Treating everyone equally and accepting each other for individuality and values
  • Making it clear when everyone is wrong and your correct

Straight talk; Transparency

  • Direct
    Straight to the point
  • Consistent
    Positive and negatives

Employee Questionnaire  (Please refer to handout for the Questionnaire)

Work Place Satisfaction

Discuss how the first 5 questions relate to work place satisfaction

Discuss how questions 6-8 help you to feel appreciated and valued.

Discuss how questions 9-12 can help with employee retention.

Discuss how questions 13-20 can improve work culture.

Open Group Discussion

Did this training help you to feel appreciated and valued?