Social Studies

Road to Freedom

The Road to Freedom

  • A DECADE is a period of 100 years
  • A CENTURY is a period of 10 years
  • A COLONY is a community belonging to a distant country
  • An ERA is a certain period of time in history
  • A MISSION is a church built around a community
  • A PRIMARY SOURCE is information recorded by a person who was not there
  • A SECONDARY SOURCE is information recorded by a person who was there
  • A TIMELINE shows the dates of past events and the order in which they occured

Becoming a Democracy

  • Independence
  • Declaration
    An announcement of an idea
  • President
    Leader of the United States
  • Decision
    The act of making up one's mind
  • Right
    a freedom
  • Slavery
    A cruel system under which people are bought and foced to work
  • Civil Right
    Rights and freedoms that countries protect for it's citizend

Summary of Events

Put these events in the right order:

  • Pilgrims arrive at Plymoth
  • War for Independence
  • Britain agree to Peace
  • Civil War begins
  • Civil War and Slavery End
  • Bethune opens school for African American girls
  • Women's right to vote
  • March on Washington

Important People

1. Who lead the March on Washington in 1963?

2. Who helped write the Constitution?

3. Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?

4. Who was the leader of the Army during the American Revolution and became the 1st United States President?

5. Who was the creator of The North Star?


Local Government

A(n) is the process by which citizens vote for people to represent them.

Money citizens pay to the government is called a .

The is the leader of a community's government, but a is the head of the state government.

The building where leaders meet to make laws is call the .

Local Citizens and Businesses

Check all that apply

  • Pay Taxes to the local governments
  • Pay taxes to other citizens and businesses
  • do NOT pay taxes

Local Government uses taxes for:

Check all that apply

  • Libraries
  • Hospitals & Schools
  • Police & Fire Departments

The Three Branches of Government

Please list the 3 Branches of Government 

National Government

 The branch creates laws, thebranch carries out the laws, and the branch determines if the laws are fair and constitutional.

National Government

  • Legislative Branch
    Creates laws
  • Executive Branch
    Carries out the laws
  • Judicial Branch
    Determines if laws are fair and constitutional
  • Separation of Power
    The 3 branches of government having different powers and jobs so that one branch is not too powerful
  • Monument
    A building or statue that helps people remember a person or event


  • In a direct democracy citizens vote directly for leaders
  • In a representative democracy vote directly for leaders
  • A county is an area of the state that includes several cities and towns
  • The Legislative branch is made up of Congress and the courts
  • The House of Representatives and Senate make up Congress
  • There are 8 Supreme Court Justices
  • The Vice President is the head of the Executive Branch
  • The Supreme Court is the Highest court