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If you'd like to learn on our Microsoft Dynamics CRM from the ground up, this course is for you. Find out what you need to know about navigation, accounts, contacts, activities, the sales and marketing process, data imports and exports. This course will guide you to use the system! enjoy!

Training Content

Number Swapping

Number Swapping

  • Existing phone number can be swapped to any other desired number. All you need to do is to connect to the provided interface which connects you with DMP system. You can search from the interface to ensure the new selected number are available.  If the number is available in DMP system, you can proceed with the confirmation process.

Creating Interaction for Number Swapping

Drag the text to the right position


  • Number Swapping
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  • Summary : Number Swapping
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Select MSISDN for Number Swapping


MSISDN represents the phone number of the customer.

To verify the availability of the selected number in DMP system. You need to search the number. select the answer below to see which number is valid

Transaction Storage

Transaction Storage - New Portal for SMS and Email Resend

SMS and email can be resent through this system up till 6 months records. it allows single and bulk resend. The resend of sms does not restrict to one telco number. It can be sent to any other telco number

How to access?

You can find the button for Transaction Storage under ISV tab

Search Email/SMS

as you can see from the picture below, the search pane allows you to search based on 


- Date (From)

- Date (to)

- Recipient (Email)

_ Recipient (SMS)

Field with '*' are compulsory for you to fill.


from the result pane, you can click the 'view' button to see the details of the email before you resend it.


SMS can be sent whether individually or in a bulk. if you need to change the recipient number, you can change directly from the result pane.

you can refer to the picture below.