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MARK 460

with Duane Weaver

Week 1 - Introduction

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Today’s Outline


Overview of Course Outline

Overview of Course Text

Overview of Evaluation Requirements

Defining “Strategic Marketing”

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Introductions - Instructor

Duane Weaver

B.Comm., M.D.Ed. (honours), IESNA

Marketing Chair, VIU

CEO, 2Birds1Stone

Director of Marketing (past), ABSEL (Association of Business Simulation and Experiential Learning)

Marketing, Business and Computer App’s Instructor

25+ years marketing management experience

Strategic Marketing Experience (sample):

CEO 2Birds1Stone Media – Marketing Consulting

Business Development Manager, International Sales Manager – MPR Teltech

Product Manager, Market Manager – ED TEL

Corporate Re-engineering (project sponsor team lead) – ED TEL

General Manager - TIR Systems

Enjoy sailing, soccer, cycling, golf and camping

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Introductions - Students

Take 3 minutes to prepare to introduce yourself:

  1. your name?
    1. What would be the one best thing for you to learn from this class?
    2. Identify your strongest (2 to 3) marketing skills .

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Course Text

    A Decision-Focused Approach
    Eight Edition
    Orville, Walker Jr., Mullins (2016)

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Course Outline

This is a case-based course (both written and living) and will involve both in class and out of class teamwork.

The top 4 teams will have the opportunity to engage with a real living challenge within the Island community.

Students should be prepared to travel to another city on Vancouver Island to meet with their client. You should be prepared to provide your own transportation to and from the clients location.

This course will take a lecture/seminar approach. We will have:

One term Test

Three different team tasks:

  1. First team * - Case Pitch Competition
    1. Final Project Team - Case Pitch Competition
    2. Final Project Team – Strategic Marketing Plan Project Report (several deliverables)

and One Individual Expertise Report

* The top team from the first team project will each become leaders and self select their final project team.

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Course Evaluation

Term Test 1 20%

Three different team tasks: 50%

  1. First team - Case Pitch Competition (pitch/paper+peer) (5%+5%)
    1. Final Project Team - Case Pitch Competition (10%)
    2. Final Project Team – Strategic Marketing Plan
      Project Report (several deliverables) (30%)

MARKETING WEEK assignments 5%

Individual Expertise Report 15%

Participation, External Evaluation

& Team Peer Evaluation 10%



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Course Outline OVERVIEW

  • See Hand Out and Very Important Items to note:
    (E.G.: This is a CAPSTONE course in Marketing and a high level of professionalism is expected).

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Strategic Marketing Defined

Please take out a sheet of paper and provide:

your first and last name on the top of the paper

your student I.D.# on the top of the paper

briefly answer the following question in one paragraph:

What does “Strategic Marketing” mean to you?

Please Hand in your answer before you leave today

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Please come prepared to classes having read the required readings ahead of time.

Next class:

You should prepare for the first case on your own. We will form our “First Team” that day and you will work together in class to develop your

Case and Case Pitch. Your case report

is due on January 19th

(please bring 4 printed copies).