Onyx SCRUM Survival Guide

Hi! Onyxer, 

Thanks for participating in this SCRUM project, your help is a tremendous boost to our dev team's performance! 

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My role is - Scrum Master

Updating SCRUM board

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sprint board direct link: http://jira.onyxvirtualacademy.com/secure/RapidBoard.jspa?rapidView=2


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Tracking/communicating sprint status through sprint burndown chart

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  1. the chart burns down automatically when an issue is "done" (currently, as of 20160901_1402 defined as "deployed on Beta, and has been approved, but not deployed on live)

how to add/remove items to sprint

how to add/modify "story points"?

Conducting daily stand-ups

Goal of the stand-ups

  1. The sprint planning meeting should focus on the whole team estimate and understanding the “already thought-out requirement”, so we do not have to discuss what should be “decided/designed” during the sprint planning meeting
  2. Thus, regarding “how” to design a functionality (contrary to “what” to design with a functionality), should be discussed BEFORE to the sprint planning meeting. In next sprint, product owner (GP) will plan a pre-sprint planning meeting with Taha (or anyone interested), to make the design clear

Recording unplanned items on SCRUM board

  • we should only interrupt sprint with valid reasons
    • bugs that BLOCK the LIVE environment
    • discuss first with Scrum Master, should not directly go to individual dev team member

Identifying impediments and help dev team to remove them

Assist Product Owner to update backlog items on Jira

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My role is - Product Owner

Prepare backlog items before next sprint