Building a Customer Base

The Three Tiers of Customer Reach

The Inner Tier

The key to building your customer base is to know where to look for them. 

There are three customer tiers you can tap into to build your customer base ranging from those close to you to those usually out of your reach. Knowing which tier they belong to will help you to work out how best to approach them. 

The inner tier is the simplest to access, it is made up of friends and family, generally people you see regularly and have lengthy conversations with. These people will be the first to hear of your new venture and are most likely to support you. 

Your friends and family trust you and trust that you wouldn't sell them something that isn't very good. They make fantastic customers as long as you are honest with them. When you join Darceys we always recommend that you buy the starter pack, this allows you to really experience the products and give an honest opinion of them. If there are certain scents that you don't like you can say honestly that they aren't for you but recommend the ones you like, you might even find that a certain scent isn't one that you personally would choose but can think of just the right person that it would suit.  This honest approach will work wonders to help you turn your inner tier into your initial customer base.


The Middle Tier

The middle tier is less reachable than the the inner tier but easier to reach than the third! 

These are usually people that you know but don't really know. An example of this would be Mums in the playground or people who attend the same gym as you, they aren't your friends necessarily but you are happy to strike up a conversation. Another example of middle tier would be friends of friends, these become more reachable once you have established your inner tier customer base. If you have managed to convert them to your chosen brand then they are likely to discuss it with their own inner tier. Keep these particular friends in mind if you move into Ambassadorship, they could be your first team members.

The Outer Tier

The outer tier is the most difficult to reach, but don't let this phase you! This is where the real building comes in, low hanging fruit tastes good but the apple you need to reach high for usually tastes so much sweeter! 

The outer tier consists of people you don't know, people you need to approach and establish a relationship with in order to sell to them. 

One of the joys of social selling is getting to meet new people, drawing people from your outer tier to your inner tier and making new friends. 

People in your outer tier will include local shop-keepers and people who work in local businesses where you might take a display for the staff room, party hosts and guests at parties and also social media users if you are making use of social media selling sites or have a Selling group.

In which tier would you find your sister?

  • Inner Tier
  • Middle Tier
  • Outer Tier

The key to approaching customers

The Inner Tier

Your inner tier are the people you see most frequently and are most likely going to be your first customers. That being said, don't' make the mistake of thinking that they "owe" you a sale, or that they will necessarily choose your product straight away. Leading with expectation can lead, not only to losing a sale, it can end with losing a friend so please tread carefully.

Friends and family want to see you doing well because they care about you, they will do what the can to help you out and will be interested to hear about your new venture so start by letting them know that you have taken on this challenge. 

The Middle Tier

The Outer Tier

How do you reach the middle tier?

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Keeping a Customer Log

Why is it important to keep a customer log?

Where to start

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