Identify the 5 phases of project management life cycle

There are 5 phases to an effective project management lifecycle. When managing a project it is vital that you uses these 5 phases to ensure your project is executed successfully.

LO1: Identify the 5 phases of project management life cycle

In the 5 phases of the project management life cycle, name the 4 phase?

5 Phases to a project management lifecycle

There are 5 phases to a project lifecycle, each phases needs to be successfully completed before moving to the next phase. Should the phases of the project lifecycle not be followed this will result in overall project failure.

  1. Defining phase – the project is defined, the objectives set out and the final deadline date is committed too. E.g. Host a company Christmas party in 30 days
  2. Plan phase – Define each task that needs to take place and allocate a duration/timeframe and a scheduled start and end date. This will ensure that each task is identified and which task are dependent on another. E.g. Select a venue (2 days), base your selection criteria on budget and availability.
  3. Brief phase – Identify the resources (people), allocate each task to an individual with the assigned time and ensure that the team provides daily feedback on their tasks. E.g. Natalie will find the top 3 venues that meet criteria in 2 days and show the pro’s and con’s of each venue.
  4. Implement phases – Implementing the plan and monitoring process and support. E.g. Christmas party is held at JHB country club at 4pm on Friday the 5 November.
  5. Evaluate phase – Evaluating project results and closing off this project. E.g. Within a week after the Christmas party conduct a customer review survey to establish the customer’s satisfaction based on venue selected, date and time of Company Christmas party.

  • Brief
  • Implement
  • Plan
  • Evaluate