Behaviors for Success

This unit will expose you to the behaviors that are both recommended and expected for Prime Timers.  Behaviors are the visible actions that people see when they are with you.  Behaviors don't describe what you must do on your job, but rather how you look and act while you are doing it.

This unit will describe 4 attitudes that all successful Prime Timers need to embrace, 11 behaviors and 5 easy 'how-to' instructions for doing your job. 

Your Store Manager will provide you with additional details and feedback.  As you go through this unit, take notes on items that you don't understand.  Write down any questions that you have.  After the unit, meet with your Store Manager and discuss. 


Behaviors for Success



What is a behavior?

Attitude # 1

Prime Timers should eagerly desire to go above and beyond their normal duties to bring further success to the company.

Attitude # 2

Attitude #3

Attitude # 4

Which 2 are examples of good Prime Timer attitudes?

Customers don't really care about how you look as long as the prices are low.

Behavior # 2

Behavior # 3

Behavior # 4

Check all of the correct statements.

Behavior # 5a

Understanding body language is not one of the most important aspects of dealing with customers.

Behavior # 5b

Behavior # 5c

Behavior # 5 d

Describe if the behavior is an example of positive body language or negative body language.

Сombine elements from the left column with the elements on the right
Looking interested.
A firm handshake.
Not looking at a person when speaking.
Nodding in agreement.
Inattention to a person who is speaking.

Behavior 6

Some people are really stupid and should be reminded of that.

Behavior 7

Listening to customers can provide information about...

Behavior 8

Behavior 9

Check all of these that are positive behaviors.

Behavior 10

Check all of these that contribute to good customer service.

Behavior 11

How can you make the customer relationship personal.  Check all that apply.

How to #1

You should provide a warm, friendly and genuine greeting within seconds of the customer’s arrival.

How to # 2

If the customer asks for a specific product not on their school program...   (check all that apply)

How to # 3

If the customer comes in with a problem, refer it to your manager.

How to #4

Which of these behaviors should be done to create an agreement with the customer?

How to # 5

Match the statements.

Сombine elements from the left column with the elements on the right
Verify the customer’s needs were met.
Is there anything else I can help you with today?"
Walk the customer toward the door,
use the customer’s name – and make a lasting impression of courtesy and caring.
Take advantage of this final opportunity,
thank them and give a warm, friendly goodbye.