To outline the standard operating procedures located in RW’s internal documentation as they pertain to handling tickets where members request: answering ordering, shipping, assist with account changes, handle level 1 technical support requests and field billing questions.

Ordering & Shipping

Ordering: A member's perspective

Add items to cart by clicking ADD TO CART. Remove items by clicking on the shopping cart icon, and then REMOVE: 


When Checking Out (Checkout in Cart Options), a member will need to login with either their returning member's info or as a new member. 


**********Additional Notes on Shipping & DOC (click here)*************

*Delivery times for all methods (except UPS Next Day Air Saver and UPS Next Day Air) are approximate.

**Orders placed after 5 PM EST will be fulfilled and shipped on the following business day, and delivered on the next business day after fulfillment. (For example, an order placed Wednesday after 5 PM EST would be fulfilled and shipped on Thursday, and delivered on Friday by the specified time for the shipping method.)

**********If a returning member wants to pay for a purchase with a card other than card on file: Update Payment Method in their account portal**********

Terms and Conditions as of July 28, 2016

911 and E911 Service Limitations

Taxes explained in Billing & Payments

Ordering Troubleshooting

Cannot order -> Check Website Status

If you're experiencing issues completing your purchase, our online store or other services may be undergoing maintenance or an outage. Visit our status page to learn more.

Use Privacy mode/browser

Using privacy mode (or "incognito mode") opens a browser window that ignores your apps, cached data, and cookies. Try using your browser in privacy mode if you're experiencing loading or other browser issues. Note: Our online store is not compatible with Safari's Private Browsing mode.

Wrongly Charged?

Check orders in member's OW account. Check Zuora to see the payment type & last 4 digits of the card charged. Ask in Slack beyond this, but we'll likely need a screenshot of their bank statement showing the charge if we cannot find the order. 

Card Declines

Check Billing info & try again. Still no?

Direct a member to update their credit card info.

Macro: Questions::How To::Portal::How do I change my credit card

Macro: Billing::Card Declined In Store - Reorder:

Unfortunately once an order fails in our system, it is essentially dead and can no longer be pushed through.* Please replace your order by clicking here:

The website says you won't ship to my address?!?!

We don't ship to PO Boxes.

All items on order must ship to single address.

Contiguous US shipping only; can't ship to Alaska, Hawaii or US territories. 

We can ask for the address and verify it here:!input.action

If it does not appear in this checker, we cannot ship there. 

I did not mean to pay with the credit card on file or anything about cancel my order now!

macro: Questions::General::Can I cancel an order I just placed prior to shipping "We are sorry to say that though we attempted to cancel your order, we were not able to catch it in time.  The orders are sent to our fulfillment partner very quickly and once that happens we are unable to make changes of any kind to the order. We apologize for the inconvenience this causes you but we are sending you instructions on how to return the order, so you may re-place your order with the necessary changes or completely cancel it accordingly:..."

If the order is in back order status, the member may cancel from their portal. macro: CA:: General:: How to cancel an order in back order status


"My Order has not shipped!" How To: A Guide to Verifying Fraud Orders

We can solve these by checking the order status in Opsware, and taking the appropriate steps to resolve:

Status Steps to Resolve Oddities
ERROR: When an order is in "error" status, this typically means the order was not fulfilled due to an issue with the credit card being declined. Respond to the member with the following macro"Card declined in store - reorder"  
VERIFY: The order is currently in the fraud queue pending fraud analyst review. Respond to the member with the following macro: "Questions - General: My order says verify". The macro will then send the ticket to the Fraud Management queue If the order went from "Verify" to "Pending" prior to CA looking at the ticket/order, it means the order was approved in the Fraud queue. When this occurs, there is no reason to send to the Fraud queue. Occasionally, an order may go from "Pending" to "Error" due to a credit card decline. In that instance, the ticket can still stay with the CA team and you can use the "Card Declined in Store - Reorder" macro.
CANCELLED: Majority of the time, this means the order was cancelled by a fraud analyst due to potential fraud.

end the ticket to the Fraud Management queue with internal notes.

  • Internal notes should include: the Order Number and that the order was cancelled due to fraud

View "Transaction History" in Opsware to see if the status of the order was changed from"Verify" to "Cancelled"

A member will be able to place another order even though this TX may be in Error or Cancelled status. Most likely, the new order will be flagged and go through the same verification process in the fraud queue.



Intro to & Working Billing Tickets


Billing & Payments is the member-facing doc, but sometimes we have other questions or considerations regarding the same info the cm sees. So, below we'll expand on the topics in the doc:

When Do You Charge My Card?


  New Line & BYOP (service) Upgrade/Swap (service) Order
2.0/1.0  day order ships. if received after 1 day, prorated BCD after date phone ships Day order placed
3.0 when phone is activated If new plan is upgrade - immediately pay difference. If plan remains static no charge until next BCD When shipped/completed

Taxes and Surcharges

Some areas use E 911 (Enhanced 911)

Sometimes, we work these tickets! How To: A Guide to Working an E911 Address Ticket

Credit Balances

There are times where we will credit members for service, data usage, due to a shipping failure, recent price drops, just to be real nice! Leads and Sups are the only ones to approve credits. 

Requesting Credits or Coupons

Credits vs. Discounts

Viewing a Positive Balance and Credit Balance on an Account

Republic Refund™

Plans 2.0: Billing & Republic Refunds


Update Your Payment Info



View Your Orders, Payments, and Returns


Often, members want to print their invoices. To do so, login to My Portal > Orders, Payments & Returns > Find Monthly service (by bill cycle date) - there's a small little printer icon. This will allow a member to have a version of the invoice to print. 



Troubleshooting or Simply Working Through Billing Issues

Can’t know every situation you will encounter but general rules can help you when working billing tickets:

When in doubt, ask the member for a screenshot of their invoice from their portal or the email -> It's easier for us to determine what could be going on from this information!

Use Opsware

  • Check for an account balance

  • Look at BCD, good to know when they should be expecting charges

  • Look at Notes tab to find IPT or chargeback information

  • Then, look at billing tab and start trying to understand what happened;look at Dunning Invoices to determine if the member is suspended/cancelled for non-payment.

Types of bills under billing

  • Monthly (recurring)
  • Plan Change
    • With New phone (Use in Combination w/Timline or Service Line History/Orders)
    • Upgrade (Service Line History/Orders)
    • Phone Order
      • Invoice & Order
  • Cancellation Credit
  • Credit
  • Refunds

Monthly/ Recurring 2.0 Republic Refund $17.50 .5GB Plan

New Plan, Phone Change!

Invoices & Orders (Plan Changes, Purchases)


Plan Upgrades

Phone Order




Cancellation Credit

Credit (unrelated to cancel)

Credits V Refunds






  • Applied to the account
  • Immediate
  • Can be done by us, NC, billing
  • Applied to every bill until used up.
  • Think of it like a store credit
  • Cancellation will cause credits to disappear
  • Can we credit a cancelled account?


  • Applied to credit card on file
  • Takes 5-7 business days
  • Has to be done by billing
  • Applied to a previous INV


IPT Invoice Payment Timeline/ Dunning Invoices

These are past due accounts. You can find the information in Billing > Dunning Invoices. Member will not be able to reactivate unless Resolved lists a date:

Payment will fail 3 times before Past Due 4 Days (post BCD)
Suspended after 17 days (post BCD)
Cancelled after 23 days (post BCD)


Cancelled For Non-Payment

If the member does not pay their past due balance, then they'll probably receive an email in the future (a month or two after cancellation for non-payment) to thank them for their payment. This is just us balancing our books & writing off their bad debt. Easy to identify. Dunning Invoices Unresolved and then an invoice where credit the member's account to bring balance to $0:

The best way to check though is Zuora

Random Billing things

Overdraft fee

  • Comes from bank, has nothing to do with us.

We can't reverse monthly charges

  • If insistent, Transfer to Billing
  • Can't pay now? Send macro: “late payment / pay now”

If a member needs a phone cancelled & a refund, cancel the phone & send to billing to prevent crediting an account and the credit being lost due to cancel. 

Was I charged twice?

  • If you notice a recently Resolved Dunning Invoice, then it is likely the member paid past due balance & then their BCD came up. So yes, resolve past due balance & pay for next month. 

All Affirm questions can be directed to Affirm, but we can check order for Payment method - Chase is a CC, Affirm is Affirm.

Billing KB

My Account Portal/Republic app and Opsware

Opsware & Republic App/Portal

1/2.0 Republic app has a few things v3 does not

Because Legacy or 1.0/2.0 phones (Moto E1&2, Moto X 1&2, Moto G 1&3) are Republic-specific based on the ROM, we were able to collect WiFi data usage as well as allow users to manage apps accessing cell data. To manage their account info (other than assigning the phone a new TN or changing a plan) a member would be forwarded to a mobile web browser to do so. Features through the Republic app over cell data do not count against a member's cell data use. 

Caveat- if a member is on a WiFi only plan, they will need to be on WiFi in order to upgrade their plan to have access to cell data. 

v3 Republic app allows a user to manage account just like the portal through an embedded browser

A member can update payment, request a number transfer, cancel service,  assign a user to a phone, etc. through this feature. Cell data used will not be counted against the member's data plan. 

We'll be working mostly with v3 for the section, but you can find all information on v1/2 Republic Wireless app.

The Account Info in OW comes from member-entered information:

Role: Assignee is set up from a member's account as well:

From the App, a member can do all other functions of My Account Portal:

Transfer a number into Republic (Port Ins)



View Orders, Invoices & Returns:

In Opsware, we see a lot more than members do. We see order that are related to internal activity (cancelled plan changes, etc.), return info, etc.):



CDRs (call record details) are viewed in the app/MAP in a slightly different way than a member sees them:



Assign New TN, Cancel & Manage E911

OW & Republic App (not portal) Plan Change

All Plan Changes Must Happen from the Account Owner's login on the Specific Device Requesting Change. 

When we are assisting members with plan changes, we must hear from the Account Owner - requester cannot be User

V1 Plan Changes

Tutorial for members

OW tutorial

Note: Keep in mind revert policy if cm is not already on a 1.0 plan (upgrade or downgrade) Plan Transitioning

 Plan Changes (cancel through app)

App-Only Features


If a member has not checked the box for a VM PW, then they will not be able to access VM by calling their RW number.

What we can do is delete voicemails in bulk for a member.

Forward to Voicemail

Set Up Voicemail Forwarding

If a member puts a number here, to remove it they must delete all field input - this can impact ports

SMS to Email

Email to SMS must be activated from the phone


TAC Level 1s

How to Process a TAC Level 1 Ticket

How To: A Guide for TAC Level 1 Processes (Tickets)

In CA, sometimes we encounter phone issues that need troubleshooting to assist the member. We use TAC level 1 processes to help provide a good foundation & understanding of what may  be going on for TAC. Play close attention  to the member's issue, and really try to find the best fitting process in the level 1 doc. Do not ask a member to provide information they have already provided; do not ask questions they have already answered. Use the CAUSE to let the member know why we are troubleshooting the way we are. All tickets that we apply a TAC level 1 to are to be Assigned to Technical Assistance as Pending. 

Quick Tips/Glossary: 

Our Sharepoint is up to date w/ROM/APK versions based on phones or version. 

2.0 APK is two things Telphony App & the RW app, but we only need to look at the Republic Telephony version. 

ROM/build = Version of Android phone is running & APK = Version of Republic app. Important to know because an outdated App could have issues w/plan changes, possibly routing text messaging correctly. It's like a check-up though, always good to be sure their Republic app is up to date. ROM/Build is important to be up to date, because if the OS (operating system) is different than the instructions we send might be wrong. Also, different versions of the OS have different apps like messaging, etc. 2 Ways to find this info:

If SL SIP is Blue, so member is on WiFi, will be found on SL Overview page: 



Structure of Processes: 

  • APPLICABLE PHONES - which phones are impacted by the issue. Moto (General) = all Motos, including legacy phones. 
  • CAUSE - why the issue occurs. We can use some of this information to explain why we want the member to attempt the troubleshooting steps. 
  • RESEARCH - what research should be conducted.
  • ACTION(S) - what action we want taken on the phone.
  • QUESTIONS (probing and alternate) - what questions to ask to help gather more detailed information.

How to Reply to a Ticket

  • Match issue in a ticket with the corresponding process, making sure that the phone type (listed under applicable phones) also matches member's phone type.

  • Conduct appropriate research, record in internal notes before sending external reply.
  • The action(s) should be listed first in external reply. **Note** No more than 2 actions total should be sent.
  • Questions should be listed following action step(s). Please choose from probing questions first, however if a question has already been answered, please substitute in an alternate question. **Note** No more than 3 questions total should be sent.
  • ALL tickets are to be placed on Pending toward Technical Assistance, so when the member replies, the ticket will be in the TAC queue.


Breakdown of Troubleshooting Steps!

When in doubt, ask TAC!

Force Reboot: If the phone is frozen or running sluggish, this is the equivalent of holding the power button on your computer until it turns off. A force reboot releases any RAM, so that the phone boots to a clean slate.

Clear Cache: When you are searching the web, using Instagram, or an app; there will be data downloaded to your phone and can remain running in the background. The problem with this is that information you downloaded from an app two weeks ago could be interfering with data you downloaded today. And it’s running in the background so you aren’t seeing the conflict. This is a good TAC 1 step, and can resolve a wide variety of issues, from hardware to call quality.

Safe Mode: Safe mode is a troubleshooting area of your phone and only loads apps that came with the phone. Use this step if you want to see if the issue is happening while in safe mode. If the phone works fine here, it is likely a third party app causing the problem, and removing that app will fix the issue.

App List Screenshots: Getting a screenshot of the member’s app list doesn’t help us unless we know what to look for. There are certain apps that have been known to cause issues with our phones, some even in safe mode. You can find these by going to SharePoint > Google Docs > Problem Apps.

Reinstall RW App: Our SharePoint site shows the most updated ROM/APK for all our phones. And though updating the RW app is a good step, in many cases it is best to uninstall and reinstall the RW app. Any issues with calling, texting, or cellular data should include this step starting out. Also where the RW app is misreporting information versus that of the member’s account or with what we see in Opsware. Also worth noting is that on 1.0/2.0 phones, there is a second app (Republic Wireless Telephony App) that controls the calling and SMS ability. This has been combined for the 3.0 phones.

VOIP (3.0) and possibly Profile update (1.0/2.0): Each of our phones has information that when connecting to our towers, will match against each other and do a handshake of sorts. The information must match exactly to get complete service. The VOIP troubleshooting step pairs the information on the phone with that of our carrier (Sprint or GSM). For the 1.0/2.0 phones a second step is suggested to update the Profile. Updating the Profile pairs information with the RW servers. It is suggested that you use the RW not provisioned macro for 1.0/2.0 phones when performing a VOIP.


786 Screenshot is only for Legacy Phones

PRL Update, ##72786#, Profile Update, MSL Reset are all specific to CDMA phones. Legacy & 3.0 CDMA.

Ticket Tone Reminder

And Again, Let's Review Tone

How we sound:

•We talk like people talk.

•We put people first.

•We show empathy.


Republic’s tone is:

QA pushes us toward excellence! Category 1. Processing

The only way to fail QA is to provide a member with incorrect information or process their request incorrectly.
Internal Notes - Yes, No or Partial. SOPs may require especially where account changes are made (this is part of CPNI), but we should always include. Sharepoint> CA Internal Note Macros

Correct Steps - Did we provide the member the correct information and handle the request according to the SOP? Yes, No, Partial.

All questions answered - if a member asked a pointed question(s) did we address these specifically? Yes, No, Partial.

Category 2. Must-haves

Grammar and spelling - Was our communication professional? Did our spelling/grammatical mistakes cloud our presented information? Yes, No, Partial.

Correct Opening/Closing - We open all tickets with "Hi [member's name]," capitalize proper nouns & names! All tickets should end
[your first name]" This section we either did use a correct open/close or we did not (Yes, No).

Category 3. Personality & Tone

Paraphrase - Did we make clear to the member that we understand their concern/issue and assure them of a timely resolution (if necessary). Yes, No

Friendly - are we being personable? Yes, No, Partial

Empathy - Where needed, are we attempting to put ourselves in the member’s shoes? Yes, No

Mirror language - Did we communicate the information at a digestible level? Yes, No

QA is a formula and you'll find your own pace/tone to make QA a breeze


Paraphrase + Empathy. Grammar and spelling

Mirror language + Correct Steps. Grammar and spelling.

 All questions answered. Grammar and spelling.



Daily Routine

Daily Routine: RMA Follow-Ups, Personal RMA tickets, Mini Pod Schedule (on Sharepoint)



We need to complete RMA follow-ups. They improve CSAT & member satisfaction but they also allow us to determine if there are any problems w/replacement ASAP so we can get the member up and running again.

Before 9A - All in RMA & Cancellation


Mini Pod 


1. Check your Personal Queue and work tickets there, focusing on RMA Follow-up:

2. Open tickets where it's been over 24-business hours because they should have received their replacement. 

3. Open RR/RA. Check tracking or IMEI to see if phone is activated. 

a. RMA: Follow-up Internal Notes

4. Important that we take the ticket off Task and back to Question w/ 72_hour_monitor On-Hold: 

RMA SOP & Cancellation

Min Pod as directed



Orders Bucket


Billing Bucket




SOP List