ATFoods Product Knowledge

Welcome to the program on ATFoods Product Knowledge. In this course you will study about our different products and their features as well as benefits. As salespersons promoting these products, it is very important for you to know these products very well. There will be questions in between the course. You must pass all tests to complete the course. Wish you all the best! 

Our Brands

Margin Drivers

At Agro Tech, we classify our brands in to two categories - Margin Drivers and Volume Drivers. 

Margin drivers, as the name suggests, help us earn higher margin or profit on the product. These are the high earning products of the company and therefore need special focus while selling. 

Volume Drivers

The second category of products called Volume Drivers are equally important as the Margin drivers. They are critical because they help drive larger distribution and generate volume business for the distributors. Most of these products are competitively priced, unlike Margin drivers which are all premium products. 

Sundrop Superlite Advanced is a margin driver product. True or False?

  • True
  • False

Select all Volume Driver products from the list below.

  • Sundrop Goldlite
  • Sundrop Pnutz
  • Sundrop Peanut Butter

Which of the following is a Margin Driver?

  • Sundrop Nutrifit
  • Sundrop Nutrilite
  • Both
  • Neither

ACT II Nachoz is a....................... ?

  • Margin Driver
  • Volume Driver

Margin Structures

We currently offer the following margins to RETAILERS on our products.

Our current margins to RDS (Re-Distribution Stockists) are as follows.

The margin on Oils to an RDS is......................%

  • 5%
  • 3%
  • 2%
  • 8%

Select all the brands from the list below which have a 5% RDS margin.

  • ACT II Nachoz
  • Sundrop Goldlite
  • Sundrop Pnutz

What is the correct retailer margin on all ACT II Bagged Snacks?

  • 10%
  • 11%
  • 10% + 9.09% Trade Load
  • 20%

The retailer margin on all Oils is 6%. True or False.

  • True
  • False

We offer a 10% plus 4% trade load to the retailer, on which of the following brands?

  • Sundrop Peanut Butter
  • ACT II Nachoz
  • Sundrop Heart

Let's know more about our Food Products

ACT II Instant Popcorn

Under the umbrella of ACT II, Instant Popcorn or IPC is the strongest product. 

It's unique selling proposition is - Hot and Fresh at home in 3 minutes. Before ACT II, Indian consumers had no option to consume healthy and fresh popcorn at the comfort of their homes. 

ACT II IPC is available in many unique flavours. It is corn based and being a non-fried snack, it is much healthier than other snack options like potato chips etc. It gives the consumers an easy and quick snacking option. 

ACT II Microwave Popcorn

ACT II is also available as MWPC - Micro Wave Pop Corn. It can be easily prepared in a Microwave oven in 3 minutes, at the comforts of our homes. 

Once again, very healthy and available in unique flavours, it is the largest selling microwave popcorn. 

The ACT II Journey in India

ACT II was initially launched in India as MWPC - imported from our affiliate - ConAgra Foods, USA. 

However in 1999 when MWPC was first launched, the microwave ovens were hardly found in Indian homes. This inspired Agro Tech Foods to launch an Innovation - IPC - which could be easily prepared in a pan or pressure cooker, which are easily available in every Indian household. 

The IPC Innovation helped bring the ACT II experience closer to every household. ACT II sales picked up soon after! 

At the same time, we started local production of MWPC as well and stopped importing it from USA. 

This helped us made adjustments to pack sizes, pricing and flavours to suit the Indian market.

Preparing ACT II



ACT II Flavours

Let's look at the many fun and unique flavours of ACT II. 

Classic Salted and Golden Sizzle were the first flavours to be launched in IPC and they are still favourites :)

We believe in constantly providing the consumer with better experiences. Our new flavours are launched after extensive research with the consumer and keeping in mind the Indian market. 

Some of our new flavours are very unique. No other company has the kind of portfolio and range as we do in ready to cook popcorn. 

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MWPC also has three classic flavours - Natural, Butter and Butter Lovers. 

Cheddar Cheese is the recently launched new flavour in our regular MWPC range. 

Innovation has always been our strength. We have now come up with a new product in the MWPC range called MWPC Tub. 

The Tub can simply be prepared in a microwave and you can have the Movie Theatre experience at home. There are 4 tubs in one case as shown in this picture. 

ACT II Ready-to-Eat (RTE) Popcorn

ACT II IPC and ACT II MWPC became huge favourites of consumers. In order to meet the consumer needs even better, we brought in another innovation in the form of RTE Popcorn. 

This was a unique offering to the consumer because now our consumers could enjoy the same healthy and tasty ACT II Popcorn "on-the-go". 

For the first time, Agro Tech Foods entered the Bagged snacks category.

Our consumers love RTE because of it's many benefits.

In addition, there are many health benefits to our ACT II RTE. 

ACT II RTE comes in many unique flavours! 

ACT II Bakes

We at Agro Tech are always trying to bring better offerings to our consumers. ACT II Bakes is one such example. One of the insights we received from our consumers was that they would want to see ACT II in an "on-the-go" format. Children can just open a packet of healthy ACT II snack wherever they are! With this in mind, we innovated ACT II Bakes - healthy, corn based, non-fried, fun snacks.

ACT II Bakes is not only tasty and fun but also very healthy. 

ACT II Bakes currently is available in these fun shapes and unique flavours.

What is the Unique Positioning of ACT II IPC and MWPC?

  • Hot and Fresh at home in 3 minutes
  • Hot popcorn at home in 3 minutes
  • Hot popcorn anytime everytime
  • Hot and fresh popcorn when you need it

“Classic Salted” is a popular flavor in:

  • ACT II Nachoz
  • ACT II Bakes

What is the grammage of the Rs. 70 MWPC 'Butter Lovers' pack?

  • 100 gms
  • 99 gms
  • 70 gms
  • 33 gms

What is the grammage of ACT II RTE Butter Rs. 5?

  • 5 gms
  • 8 gms
  • 10 gms
  • 12 gms

Select all the flavours of ACT II MWPC Tub.

  • Butter lovers
  • Movie Theatre Butter
  • Natural
  • Classic Salted

The unique Salt and Sweet flavour of ACT II RTE is called:

  • Kettle corn
  • Sweet and Salty
  • Mixed
  • Unique corn

ACT II Bakes is another offering in the Ready-to-Eat Healthy Snacks category. Bakes are made out of :

  • Rice
  • Corn
  • Wheat
  • Potato

Select the flavours of ACT II IPC from the list below:

  • Classic Salted
  • Golden Sizzle
  • Butter Lovers
  • Tandoori Tadka
  • Cheddar Cheese
  • Simply Salted
  • Butter Pepper
  • Southern Spice

ACT II Nachoz

What is ACT II Nachoz?

Why do our consumers love ACT II Nachoz?

ACT II Nachoz is available in 4 interesting and unique flavours!

ACT II Nachoz has the “Authentic Mexican Taste”. The superior taste and attractive price point puts ACT II Nachoz far above any other competition in the Indian market. 

ACT II Nachoz is certainly better than the other nachos chips in the market, but also better than the next closest competition - potato chips.  With it's goodness of corn, it has 40% less fat than Potato Chips. In it's new exciting flavours, its the best Snacking Option.

ACT II Nachoz is made with:

  • Corn
  • Rice
  • Wheat
  • Potato

What is the price of 150 gms ACT II Nachoz Tomato flavour?

  • Rs. 65
  • Rs. 35
  • Rs. 45
  • Rs. 55

Select the flavours that ACT II Nachoz is available in:

  • Tomato
  • Salted
  • Cheddar Cheese
  • Jalapeno
  • Masala
  • Cheese
  • Chilli
  • Plain

How many pieces of 150 gms ACT II Nachoz is present in one CFC?

  • 60
  • 40
  • 20
  • 10

ACT II Nachoz is a high source of dietary fibre. True or False?

  • True
  • False

Sundrop Peanut Butter

Sundrop Peanut Butter is a bread spread made from ground dry roasted peanut. Peanut Butter is popular in many countries and is mainly used as a sandwich spread, sometimes in combination with other spreads such as jam, chocolate (in various forms), vegetables or cheese. 

It is especially popular among Gym goers, fitness enthusiasts and Body Builders.

Sundrop Peanut Butter has several advantages:

1.Natural source of protein, dietary fiber and healthy fats 

2.Source of essential nutrients such as vitamin B3 and E, magnesium, folate etc.

3.Stimulates body to produce enough HDL cholesterol to actually lower LDL cholesterol count

Sundrop Peanut Butter SKUs

There are 4 delicious flavours that SDPB is available in. There are also multiple pack sizes that it is available in. 

The newest SKU is the 924 gms pack which costs only Rs. 300, especially targeted at fitness enthusiasts!!

Peanut Butter is a ConAgra product. It's history in India starts in 2008, when it was imported from USA and test marketed with the Indian consumer. At that time, it used to come only in one SKU - 462 gms. 

After the initial success, ATFL set up the first world-class Peanut Butter factory outside of USA, in Jaghadia, Gujrat. Here we were able to customise the pack sizes so that more Indian consumers can try SDPB in sachets and smaller packs. This led to huge successes with the Indian consumer, together with great sampling initiatives, innovative visibility and consistent quality. 

In order to make SDPB a success, ATFL is constantly coming up with newer offers based on consumer insights. 

Peter Pan!

Another offering in this product category is Peter Pan! It is the original peanut butter brand from ConAgra. Consumers abroad know peanut butter only by the name of Peter Pan. Therefore to appeal to some of the brand conscious consumers, who only know Peter Pan, we have also launched this brand in India at a different price point, visibility and margin. 

SDPB Placement

The most important thing to remember while placing SDPB is that it is a "Shelf Stable" product - which means that it does not need any refrigeration. It can be easily placed on the cash counter or other display areas because it can withstand normal temperatures. 

Primarily we place SDPB with other spreads like Jams, Nutella etc. It can also be placed in the chiller with Butter and Cheese, although it doesn't need to be kept cool. 

An interesting place to generate SDPB trials is to keep it in the breakfast category. Sachet ladis are also hung along with the bread racks to showcase to the consumer. 

Of course, you can use your own creativity and share with us! Who knows, your innovative display could be here next :) 

Sundrop Pnutz

The next product in our Sundrop Foods portfolio is Sundrop Pnutz - roasted, high quality peanuts with the goodness of protein.

Sundrop Pnutz is packed with several great features and product benefits.

Sundrop Pnutz placement

Sundrop Peanut Butter contains butter and milk. True or False?

  • True. SDPB is a type of Butter.
  • False. It is only called Butter, but it is perfectly safe for those allergic to milk and doesn't need refrigeration either.

Select all the benefits of Sundrop Peanut Butter from the list below.

  • Natural source of protein, dietary fiber and healthy fats
  • Source of essential nutrients such as vitamin B3 and E, magnesium, folate etc.
  • High calorie spread with same features like Butter
  • Stimulates body to produce enough HDL cholesterol to actually lower LDL cholesterol count

Sundrop Peanut Butter is a great source of protein for Vegetarians.

  • True. It is made out of high quality peanuts.
  • False. High protein can only be available in animal products like eggs, meat etc.

What is the grammage of Rs. 110 SKU of SDPB Creamy?

  • 50 gms
  • 100 gms
  • 200 gms
  • 400 gms

Select all the current flavours of SDPB from the list below:

  • Creamy
  • Crunchy
  • Honey Roast Creamy
  • Honey Creamy
  • Honey and Cheese
  • Crunchy Honey
  • Honey Roast Crunchy

The new SKU launched for fitness enthusiasts is at the grammage of:

  • 924 gms
  • 1000 gms
  • 600 gms
  • 462 gms

Where can you place SDPB in a retail outlet? Select all correct options.

  • At the cash counter
  • Inside the chiller
  • With Spreads like Jam, Nutella
  • In the breakfast section
  • On the breads rack

A 40 gms pack of Sundrop Pnutz Salted is priced at:

  • Rs. 10
  • Rs. 20
  • Rs. 30
  • Rs. 40

Sundrop Pnutz is better than all other peanuts available in the market because...? Select all options that apply.

  • Sundrop Pnutz is made of the highest quality peanuts, which are roasted and not fried like other peanuts
  • It contains 26 % goodness of proteins
  • It is a healthy zero cholesterol snack
  • It is an expensive snacking option
  • It doesn't contain any dietary fibre

Sundrop Pnutz can be placed with snacks like Haldirams, Bikano as well as secondary benchmarks like cold drinks etc

  • True
  • False

Our Oils products

Sundrop Oils

Sundrop Oils

The history of Sundrop starts from 1986 when our flagship product - Sundrop Superlite - was launched. The beginning of ATFL as an organisation has its roots in innovation. Sundrop - a very innovative oil for that time - was the first premium packaged sunflower oil. 

Before Sundrop was launched, most oils in the market were loose oils like palm, groundnut etc. The use of sunflower oil and in a premium packaged format along with world class advertising, helped us win the consumers loyalty. 

The Sundrop brand

Surely you all remember the Sundrop advertisement, with this boy in yellow somersaulting over large food shots. 

The ad and all our communication to our consumers over the years has reflected what the Sundrop brand stands for: 

1. Health

2. Taste

3. Vitality or Energy

4. Lightness

Sundrop Superlite Advanced

Sundrop Superlite Advanced the first oil launched under the Sundrop Oils umbrella. Let's see what it stands for and what makes this oil special. 

Introducing SD SL A

The First Packaged, Refined Sunflower oil in India

One of the largest Selling Premium Refined Oil in India

Unique Positioning: “The Healthy Oil for Healthy People”

Fortified 100% Refined Sunflower Oil

SDSLA is a very special oil compared to all others available in the market. Not only is it made of a very high quality Sunflower oil, it is also fortified with Vitamins A, D & E. 

Its low absorb technology lets the food be light and tasty, preserving its original taste. 

While cooking with SD SLA, there is no grease left because it goes through a special 5-step refining process leading to a very light and healthy oil.

Sundrop Superlite Advanced: Benefits


*For updated prices of all oils, please refer to the monthly Promo Circulars* 

Sundrop Heart

What is Sundrop Heart? 

A scientific blend of Sunflower and Ricebran oils is developed by ATFL. 

It's unique proposition is: "Scientifically Proven to Reduce Cholesterol in 30 days"

Why Sundrop Heart? 

SDH has the 'right' amount of a nutrient called Oryzanol which helps reduce bad cholesterol and maintain good cholesterol

Sundrop Heart has two types of natural anti-oxidants whereas most oils only have one. 

Pure Rice bran oils also do not have this same property because SDH brings the correct blend to our consumers. 

Sundrop Heart is the only oil which has been scientifically proven to reduce cholesterol in 30 days. No other oil can have this claim, which makes us different from any other oil.

Important benefits of Sundrop Heart

Sundrop Heart for all

SDH should be the oil of choice for all those who want a healthy heart - irrespective of whether they have a problem or not. It is healthy and light so it can be used for all types of cooking, including frying. 

The balance between MUFA (Mono Unsaturated Fatty Acids) and PUFA (Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids) present in SDH is as recommended by ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) and is just perfect for Indian consumers. 

SKUs of Sundrop Heart

*For additional schemes or SKUs, please keep referring to the monthly promo circulars*

Sundrop Lite

What is Sundrop Lite?

A scientific blend of Sunflower and Soyabean oils! 

Blends are in general extremely healthy because they bring together the benefits of a variety of oils. In many Indian households, consumers either blend the oils themselves unscientifically or rotate the oil they use monthly so that they can enjoy the benefits of different types of oils. 

To address this consumer need, ATFL has innovated a number of useful consumer blends. All these blends are part of the Sundrop Volume Drivers business, whereas SD SLA and SDH are Sundrop Margin Drivers. /

Sundrop Lite helps build immunity and Keeps skin healthy because it contains natural Vitamin E. This helps in the healthy functioning of the body.

SDL contains Omega 6 Fatty Acids

These are “Essential” fats that the body needs but can’t produce, so we must get them from the food we eat. Sundrop Lite is a great source for vegetarians. 

Benefits of Omega 6

Omega 6 Fatty Acids are useful in several body functions like building our immunity, maintaining a healthy nervous system and the overall growth of the body.

Choose Sundrop Lite because...

it contains Vit E and Omega 6

SKUs of Sundrop Lite

Sundrop Nutrifit

What is Sundrop Nutrifit?

A scientific blend of Ricebran and Soyabean oil. 

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Choose Sundrop Nutrifit because...

it contains Omega 3 & anti-oxidants

SKUs of Sundrop Nutrifit

Sundrop Healthy World

Healthy World Oils

A whole new category of oils has been launched to compete in the non-premium segment. This segment is under the brand of Healthy World oils. 

Available in three variants - Sunflower, Ricebran and Soya oils - they are high quality refined oils but not of the same super-premium categories as our Sundrop Oils. 

Healthy World is available in 4 main pack sizes, including bulk sizes like jars and tins.

Healthy World is not MRP driven

HW is launched with the objectives of increasing volume business for the distributor and competing with the non-premium oils. 

Therefore it does not have a fixed MRP like our branded Sundrop Oils. The price of HW is dynamically priced and changes every day, to match with the competition.

Other Volume Driver Sundrop Oils

The Sundrop brand contains both Oils and Foods products. True or False?

  • True.
  • False.

Select all the brand elements of Sundrop Oils from the list below.

  • A Sundrop Oil is healthy
  • Sundrop stands for Lightness
  • Sundrop is a thick, greasy oil
  • Food cooked in Sundrop is tasty for my whole family
  • Sundrop is suitable only if there is a health problem in my family
  • Sundrop is the Healthy Oil for Healthy People!
Which of the following thoughts will a consumer attach to a Sundrop Oil? 

Select the Sundrop Margin Drivers from the list below.

  • Sundrop Superlite Advanced
  • Sundrop Goldlite
  • Sundrop Nutrifit
  • Sundrop Lite
  • Sundrop Heart

Sundrop Superlite Advanced (SDSLA) was the first packaged, premium, refined sunflower oil in India when it was launched in 1986. True or False?

  • True
  • False

You are in an outlet selling SDSLA to a retailer. He asks you why is our oil so expensive. What will you tell him?

  • "I don't know Sir. The price is beyond our decision."
  • "This is the price... take it or leave it."
  • "Please take a case Sir, I have to meet my Sundrop Margin Drivers target please."
  • "Sundrop Superlite Advanced is unmatched in the market. It is a truly innovative oil, which is extremely high in quality. It is fortified with Vitamins A, D & E. It also goes through an intensive 5-step refining process, which makes it very light, transparent and non-greasy. It also gets absorbed less by the food, adding health and taste to your food. These product features are so strong that a Sundrop consumer will not look at the price but blindly trust the quality."

Select all the SKUs that SDSLA is available from the list below:

  • 500 ml pouch
  • 1 litre pouch
  • 500 ml PET bottle
  • 1 litre PET bottle
  • 1 litre Jar
  • 2 litre Jar
  • 5 litre Jar

Sundrop Heart is scientific blend of 20% Ricebran oil and 80% Sunflower oil. True or False?

  • False. SDH comprises of 20% Sunflower oil and 80% Ricebran oil.
  • True.

You are in an outlet where a consumer asks you, "Can you explain to me how Sundrop Heart works and why it helps in reducing Cholesterol?" What will you say?

  • "I don't know Mam."
  • "You can read the back of this packet and these brochures."
  • "Sundrop Heart contains the right amount of an anti-oxidant called ORYZANOL. This helps in absorbing the bad Cholesterol and maintaining the good cholesterol in our body. SDH has less saturated fat than 100% ricebran oil, that's why it is better than all other oils. It has balanced MUFA and PUFA as advised by ICMR (1:1.4 vs 1:1.5) thereby giving balanced nutrition and health."
  • "How does it matter Mam? We are telling you so don't worry about how it works. Just buy it."

Sundrop Heart is not fit to be used for the entire family's cooking. Only heart patients should use it. True or False?

  • True. It is only fit for heart patients.
  • False. Everyone can use SDH. It is a healthy oil, which specifically helps those with high cholesterol.

What are the oils blended to make Sundrop Lite?

  • Sunflower oil
  • Ricebran oil
  • Soyabean oil
  • Canola oil
  • Corn oil

Why are blended oils a good consumer offering?

  • To bring variety to consumers
  • Consumers in India typically blend oils or rotate them so that they get the benefits of all the oils
  • They are better because they are cheaper than pure oils
  • Blends are not a better offering

What are the two key elements present in Sundrop Lite?

  • Vitamin A, for eyes
  • Vitamin D, for bones
  • Vitamin E, for natural immunity and healthy skin, hair, etc
  • Omega 3
  • Omega 6
  • Oryzanol, for heart

What are Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids?

  • They are unhealthy fats
  • They are acids that help in digestion
  • They are essential elements that the body needs but can't produce, and are needed for healthy functioning of the body like nervous system, immunity, etc.
  • They are part of our bad cholesterol

Select the right combination of oils that makes Sundrop Nutrifit:

  • 20% sunflower & 80% soyabean
  • 50% ricebran & 50% soyabean
  • 60% ricebran & 40% soyabean
  • 20% soyabean & 80% corn oil

Select the two specific elements present in Sundrop Lite, which make it a healthy oil:

  • Vitamins A & D
  • Omega 3 and anti-oxidants
  • Omega 6 and Vitamin E
  • Anti-oxidants and Vitamins

Anti-oxidants help us fight against pollution and toxins, caused by stress, poor diet, etc. and therefore prevent us from falling ill. True or False?

  • True.
  • False.

Select the three variants of Healthy World from the list below:

  • 100% sunflower oil
  • 100% ricebran oil
  • 100% mustard oil
  • 100% corn oil
  • 100% soyabean oil

What pack sizes is Healthy World currently available in ?

  • 500 ml pouch
  • 1 litre pouch
  • 1 litre PET bottle
  • 2 litre Jar
  • 5 litre Jar
  • 15 litre Tin

Healthy World is an MRP driven product like Sundrop. True or False?

  • True. HW has a fixed MRP.
  • False. The MRP of HW Oils keeps changing every day, based on market pricing.

Healthy World was launched to compete in the non-premium oil segment. Why?

  • The Sundrop brand is very premium, but we want other consumers also to have access to good quality oil in the non-premium category. Also, HW helps build a volume business for the Distributors.
  • As an organisation, we would like to focus on the non-premium segment.
  • Consumers do not want premium oils any more.

Sundrop Goldlite is a scientific blend of 60% Sunflower oil and 40%........ ?

  • Ricebran oil
  • Corn oil
  • Canola oil
  • Soyabean oil

Sundrop Nutrilite is a ....................... :

  • Volume Driver oil
  • Margin Driver oil