Tigrinya 101

This course is intended to help you learn or improve your Tigrinya speaking and writing skills to a better level. It is designed to accommodate and teach every age, meaning we have course for new learners, kids, tourists, adults and more. Most courses are monthly based program for low price that lasts for at least three months, The program includes daily exercises, weekly quizzes, every other week live video help for one hour and monthly exams. This helps students to achieve their goal with a very detailed instructions and with help of instructor. We also have a one time purchase program for a higher price that includes everything for the selected course. After completing the program we make sure every single student have the ability to read, write and speak based on the level of language you have taken. Our courses are very affordable for the amount of courses you take compared to the monthly payment. At the end of every program we issue a completion certificate if you achieve the passing grade of 70%. We offer a free trial courses to show you how the courses run and if you have any question feel free to give us a call. Check out our short video on how the courses work!!

Tigrinya 101

Daily words

Choose the picture that describes ሰላም?

Select translation of "Hello"?

Match the words

  • cry
  • hello
    ሰላም (selam)
  • bye
    ቻው (chaw)
  • Thank you

Write the translation

የቀንየለይ = .

ሰላም =  .

ቻው = .

ጽቡቕ =  

Colours (Study words)

drag and drop the right text to the color.

  • ጸሊም
  • ጻዕዳ
  • ብጫ
  • ሰመያዊ
  • ቀይሕ
  • ኣራንሾኒ
  • ቀጠልያ
  • ሓሙኩሽታይ
  • ሓመዳዊ
  • ደም በጊዕ

Color exercise

1. The sky is ,

2. Snow has a color of .

3. The color of grass is  

3. This color is .what is this color

Identify the colors in the flag.

  • ቀጠልያ
  • ሰመያዊ
  • ቀይሕ
  • ብጫ

Color review

Days and Dates in Tigrinya


Days in English and Tigrinya

Monday ሰኑይ senuy
Tuesday ሰሉስ selus
Wednesday ረቡዕ rebu
Thursday ሓሙስ hamus
Friday ዓርቢ arbi
Saturday ቀዳም kedam
Sunday ሰንበት Senbet 


Months in English and Tigrinya

January ጥሪ t'ri
February የካቲት yekatit
March መጋቢት megabit
April ሚያዝያ miyaziya
May ግንቦት gnbot
June ሰነ sene
July ሓምለ hamle
August ነሓሰ nehase
September መስከረም meskerem
October ጥቅምቲ tikimti
November ሕዳር hidar
December ታሕሳስ tahsas


Seasons in English and Tigrinya

Fall/Autumn ቀውዒ kewi
Winter ሓጋይ hagay
Spring ጽድያ tsdya
Sumer ክረምቲ kremti


Days exercise

  • Monday
    ሰኑይ (senuy)
  • Tuesday
    ሰሉስ (selus)
  • Wednesday
    ረቡዕ (rebu)
  • Thursday
    ሓሙስ (hamus)
  • Friday
    ዓርቢ (arbi)
  • Saturday
    ቀዳም (kedam)
  • Sunday
    ሰንበት (senbet)

Rank days from Monday to Sunday

  • ሰኑይ
  • ሰሉስ
  • ረቡዕ
  • ሓሙስ
  • ዓርቢ
  • ቀዳም
  • ሰንበት

Fill the correct months in the blanks

JanuaryMarchMay, June August, September November