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Grants, I like them too. I wish I could get some grants so that I could purchase myself a really nice Mercedes Benz SL550 AMG, convertible of course. It will cost me around $200,000. I think it will make my life easier though. 

Grants good, no grants is no good

Is a grant good?

Grants and Business

They are good because it's like free money. 

This is middle aged Dusan.

Dusan likes going shopping but he doesn't know when to stop and usually wastes all his money.

Let's learn with Dusan on how to wisely manage your money.


What money is

Money is basically an exchange. It works because everyone accepts it as payment for goods, like the weekly shopping, or services, like a haircut.

To use money properly you need to know the difference between incomes and expenses and learn how to balance them.

  • Incomes - the amount of money you get for a job, from the sale of goods or property, or as profit from financial investments.
  • Expenses - the amount of money you spend on goods, services etc.

To manage your incomes and expenses you need to make your own budget (a plan used to decide the amount of money that can be spent and how it will be spent).

Money Rules

Not to get lost in all those money dealings, remember a few rules:

  1. Make a list of your monthly incomes and expenses.
  2. Develop a monthly budget.
  3. Try to save some money for the future.
  4. Shop smart.
  5. Always check your change while shopping.

Help Middle aged Dusan decide which of these things are needed and not needed.

Click on the things you think Dusan needs to buy or pay for regularly.


What should and shouldn't middle aged Dusan do?

  • Check his change after buying some goods.
  • Waste all his money on PPC
  • Spend money on necessary things (for example, medical bills).
  • Keep track of his incomes amd expenses.
  • Give Jeff his extra money.


By completing this course, you’ve learned a lot about how business, business finances and grants and loans play into business. 

Middle aged Dusan knows now how to manage his money and business.  Are you ready to start managing yours?