Earth Science Exam


the speed at which a planet travels around the sun is

  • constant according to the equal area law
  • is not constant according the equal area law

True of False

  • There was a telescope in Brahe's observatory

How many years did Brahe observe the position of stars and planets?

  • 20
  • 10
  • 15
  • 5

Fill in the Blank

Kepler developed laws of planetary motion after inheriting all of  books of data

Describe one of the laws of planetary motion in your own words

text matching question

  • closer to the sun
    planets move more rapidly
  • all planets move around the sun in
    elliptical orbits
  • planet orbit
    eclipse with the sun at one focus
  • a planets period
    the time it takes one planet to orbit around the sun

List one specific thing about Galileo

True or False

  • The law of gravitation is used to determine escape velocity