Project Planing

Managing a project is like managing your life. This course is a refresher course on effective project management giving you the tools and techniques to manage all projects effectively.

Appreciating the structure and methodical process of a disciplined approach to managing projects

Why is it important for an effective project management process?

Project Management is a key area that most of us use in our everyday lives without even knowing it. For example:

Let’s say you wake up every day at 06:00 am and need to leave the house at precisely 07:00 am, anything later results in you being late to work. You allocate 10 minutes to each of the following activities and 5 min for the less important ones:

Shower -> brush your teeth -> Get dressed -> do your hair and make-up -> Pack your lunch -> Feed the dogs -> pack your bags in the car -> begin your commute at precisely 07:00 am daily.

If you run into an unforeseen problem with any of these it takes up time in your next activity, which if done continuously, can result in you being late.

These are daily projects that we have become structured in doing and depend on our daily routine to ensure that these daily things get done properly and on time.

Project Management works in the same way. We need the structures to help us ensure that the project is being kept on track and in budget.

The structure of the project management process allows you to clearly define what you are trying to achieve, it helps give the team clear indications of what needs to be done in order to complete the various tasks and how every member can accomplish their task.

Anybody can start a project but have they planned for bumps in the road? An effective process can depict any risks that may occur and as a project manager you can prepare or prevent this from slowing down your project.

If this is a long term project, an effective process can keep track of the project and allow for review and alterations if need be down the line.

  • An effective project management process allows for all risks to be eliminated
  • It allows you to clearly define objectives and expectations
  • The process ensures that nobody goes over budget
  • The process allows for anybody to make changes at any time