Extra Credit

CUIN Extra Credit

Bonus E: Course reflection using tool of choice

1. What is the CUIN 3313 assignment you are most proud of and why?

The one assignment that I am most proud of was the Video Production Project. This project made me use different tools and techniques on preparing a video that was two minutes and how to produce that video. This is something that I did not know how to do before and I will definitely use stuff like storyboards and creating a video production in my future job to inform employees.

2. What did you learn by doing this assignment?

From this project I learned to put a storyboard together and to bring that storyboard to life, in a video with audio. To see all the preparation and research come together for create a video that explained a topic. I will definitely be doing a storyboard and video in my future job. 

3. What are at least two things that you could do to improve what you produced for this assignment?


One thing I could improve on was finding a different video production on the internet that could of helped with a higher quality video. The end video was suppose to be higher quality but both my partner and I did not know anything about making a video.


Being better about time management. If I could improve my time management then we would of had a higher quality for the final video production. 

4. How might you implement the technologies used in this assignment in the future?

I will definitely implement a video production and storyboard in my future job. I think preparing all the information before actually creating a video made it a lot easier to just put the video together. Without brainstorming and taking the time to research the information on the storyboard, the video would of taken twice as long to create because there wasn't anything set to be put into the video. I will use this technique to create a training video for future employees when I am a Human Resource Manager.