VO1- Cyprexx Services Overview

This course provides field service vendors with an introduction to Cyprexx Services and a basic overview of Cyprexx departments and their functions.

Cyprexx Services Overview

1. About Us...





Who We Are

We are a full-service field services company with over twenty years of experience providing a wide variety of services to mortgage lenders, investors, brokers, and asset management firms.

Our Mission Statement:

The Cyprexx mission is to set the standard by which default mortgage services are measured; enabling our clients to effectively manage default losses and ultimately promote home ownership. 

2. Cyprexx is comprised of several departments that jointly serve our clients:

Inspections REO Services Vendor Management 
Repairs Winterizations Property Preservation
Utilities Quality Assurance Vacant Property Registration


3. Inspections


We perform various types of inspections that enable our clients to make informed decisions about their assets including occupancy verifications, contact inspections, field inspections, etc.

Inquiries should be sent to Inspections@Cyprexx.com

4. InvisiBoard™






Servicers are requesting clear window boarding using polycarbonate sheets instead of the commonly used plywood to make the street view more attractive. This better view is compromised when an obvious crossbar shows across the clear boarding and is visible from the street. The InvisiBoard™ unique installation method solves this unsightly problem. For more information, contact (813) 387-5875

5. Property Preservation


Our Property Preservation department services properties that are in default but have not yet begun the foreclosure process. These properties are still owned by the borrower (not the bank). At this stage, the bank is interested in protecting the asset, but only servicing the property to a certain extent.

Services usually include:

  • Securing (lock change)
  • Winterization (if requested)
  • Lawn service (initial and recurring maintenance)

Inquiries should be sent to PropertyPreservation@Cyprexx.com.  


6. Quality Assurance


The Quality Assurance team regularly inspects properties we have serviced to ensure that our quality expectations are met and that all safety hazards have been reported and/or addressed.  

7. REO Services


REO stands for Real Estate Owned and refers to properties, many of which are foreclosures, that are owned by banks (our clients).

Services may include:

Initial Services (a.k.a. 'trash-out'):

  • Lawn service
  • Sales clean
  • Debris removal
  • Winterization (if requested)

Recurring Maintenance:

  • Lawn cuts
  • Interior refresh cleans
  • Property visits

Inquiries may be sent to Preservation@Cyprexx.com


8. Repairs


Our Repairs department manages limited to full-scale repair projects, allowing our clients to manage their repair processes more efficiently by utilizing our consistent bid approach. 

9. Utilities

Our Utilities department supports other internal departments by managing public utility services such as natural gas, power, water, etc. and coordinating inspections by licensed electrical and plumbing professionals as needed.  

10. Vacant Property Registration


We have a dedicated team that registers properties with the appropriate municipalities, cities, and other entities that have introduced vacant property registration requirements.  

11. Vendor Support


Our Vendor Management team is here to guide you through the onboarding process and throughout your partnership with Cyprexx. Any questions or concerns can be emailed to VendorSupport@Cyprexx.com

12. Winterizations


Our Winterizations department provides winterizations, de-winterizations, and minor plumbing-related repairs as requested.

Inquiries may be sent to Winterization@Cyprexx.com

13. You should know...

  • REO Services
    Properties in this phase are owned by the banks
  • Property Preservation
    Properties in this phase are still owned by the borrower
  • Initial Services
    Sometimes referred to as a 'trash-out' and typically consists of initial debris removal, sales clean, and lawn service
  • Maintenance
    Typically consists of recurring interior 'refresh' cleans or lawn service


  • If you have any questions or concerns during the onboarding process, you may send an email to VendorSupport@Cyprexx.com for assistance.

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