4th form revision guide

This course should help with your revision. Along with this course your should use your handbook and the Quizlet flashcards. 

Characteristics of life

Match the terms to the definitions

  • Respiration
    the release of energy (from glucose)
  • Excretion
    the removal of toxic waste products from the body
  • Growth
    an increase in the size or mass, using materials from their food.
  • Stimuli
    ability to respond to their environment
  • Reproduce
    To produce offspring
  • Homeostasis
    maintain constant internal conditions
  • Nutrition
    The obtaining of chemicals

Define diffusion

What three factors affect the rate of diffusion

  • concentration gradient
  • temperature
  • surface area or surface area:volume ratio
  • distance
  • time

Cell structure

Which four components of a cell are found in all types of cell?

  • Cell surface membrane
  • Cytoplasm
  • Genetic material in the form of DNA
  • Mitochondria
  • Ribosomes.
  • Chloroplast

Match the description to the cell type

  • 1) Bacteria, and contain fewer components. 2) Lack a membrane-bound nucleus 3) Smaller
    Prokaryotic cells
  • 1) Extensive set of membrane-bound compartments. 2) Structures in a cell that carry out a particular function are known as organelles.
    Eukaryotic cells

Which organelle is defined as the non-living material that is found outside the cell membrane, which helps the cell keep its shape and is freely permeable.

  • Cell wall
  • Cell membrane
  • Vacuole
  • Mitochndria

Bacteria cell walls are made out of...

Cell wall composition

  • Fungal cell walls are made of cellulose
  • Plant cell walls are made of chitin

What is the function of the vacuole


What do bacteria require