Exclusive Events Training Programme on Project Plans

Welcome to Exclusive Events two week,  online, interactive, refresher course. This course is aimed at experienced project managers, with a dedicated focus on the creating a project plan. This course includes notes, videos, discussion forums and online assessments.

What is project Management ... Really?

The Difference Between Operational Management and Project Management

The difference..

Operations are responsible for overseeing, directing and controlling business operations. It is about supporting the day to day business activities and is necessary to achieve strategic and tactical goals of the business. It’s the area of management concerned with ongoing, repetitive production or goods and/or services.

Projects are unique, temporary tasks with a specific beginning and end. Resources are assigned temporarily to projects that have a start and end date. Organizations use projects to change operations, products and services to meet business need, gain competitive advantage or/and respond to new markets. Project management is the application or knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to meet the project requirements.

Projects and operations share some characteristics:

  • Both are performed by people
  • Both are planned, executed and controlled
  • Both have resource limitation ( including budget, timelines)

Watch this video to further illustrate the difference between operations management and project management.

Difference between project management and operations management

Project manager accomplish work through the project team and other stakeholders. Effective project managers acquire a balance of technical, interpersonal and conceptual skills that help analyze situations and interact appropriately. PMBOK list the interpersonal skills as important to Project managers:

  • Leadership
  • Team building
  • Motivation
  • Communication
  • Influencing
  • Decision Making
  • Political and cultural awareness
  • Negotiation
  • Trust building
  • Conflict management
  • Coaching

Project Management and Operations management share some characteristics. These similarities include?

  • Both are concerned with the managing process that transforms inputs into outputs
  • Both occur continuosly throughout the financial year