Video Tutorial

Emaze is a website where you can make online presentations and websites.

Using Emaze

Step 1: Make an account. You can sign up with Facebook, Google+, or just sign up with your email.It is easier to sign in with Google+ because you can sign in with the student email.

Step 2: : Once you sign in, click “Create” or "Create New" and a list of possible creations will be displayed

Step 3: Select which content you want to create. I will show you how to make a presentation

Step 4: You can choose between a blank template and other fun, creative templates. Click whichever one you want to use and click on the pencil icon.

Step 5: You can change the title name, font, size, and color

Step 6: To add another slide, click add and choose a slide template from the ones given

Step 7: You can add in text boxes, images from the web or ones you have saved, video/audio files, shapes, and widgets such as charts and paypal.

Step 8: If you want to number or name your sections, click section tile before every section

Step 9: After you have finished you can save your work, download, share, and view.