Practice 100 - Big Data

This assessment covers the necessary knowledge to effectively prove competency in Nielsen Greater China's 100 level practices, big data specifically.


Connect the Big Data products with their main focuses on media research service.

  • DAR
  • TraffiOPTI
  • Ecom Tracking/NDS
  • MTA

Who are the data partners of Nielsen for Big Data products? (multiple choices)

  • Alibaba
  • Tencent
  • Sina Weibo
  • Youku
  • JD
  • China Telecom

Which of the following big data products involve data from E-Commerce/E-retailer ? (Multiple choices)

  • DAR
  • ECOM Tracing/NDS
  • MTA

What are the benefits of NOA and NSI products? (Multiple choices)

  • Outline the profiles of potential target consumers
  • Uncover the unmet needs of the product
  • Confirm the effective touch point to target consumers
  • Indicate the improvement about marketing format

For DAR product, our partner Tencent covers___ of the online universe (single choice)

  • 50%
  • 60%
  • 70%
  • 80%

Which of the following big data product promise overnight report delivery? (Single choice)

  • DAR
  • TraffiOPTI
  • MTA
  • Star Track

Which combination of data does single source mean currently in TraffiOPTI product?

  • Watch data and Weibo buzz
  • Watch data and buy data
  • Buy data and Weibo buzz
  • Buy data and Weibo user demographics

Which of the following e-Commerce platform internal channels lead to paid traffic? (Multiple choices)

  • Rolling Banner
  • Guess you like
  • Recommended hot items
  • Daily Deals
  • Navigation
  • Search Brand Keywords
  • Flagship Store Page

Which of the following statement s about TraffiOPTI product are correct? (Multiple choices)

  • TraffiOPTI connects the watch data with buy data of consumers
  • TraffiOPTI can tell whether paid media or free media leads to larger traffic
  • TraffiOPTI can monitor the effectiveness difference of a pre-roll ad and a mid-roll ad in a video without using coding
  • TraffiOPTI can compare the traffic generated by channels inside and outside the e-Commerce websites.

Regarding to advertising effectiveness between PC and mobile devices, choose if the following statement is true or false.

  • DAR can tell the difference of impression rate% for each age group people between PC and mobile devices

Based on result of research on pan post 00’population, choose if the following statement is true or false

  • Compared with general population, pan post 00s are more easily influenced by paid ecommerce activities
  • Compared with general population, pan post 00s had higher brand loyalty

For ECOM Tracking/NDS product, Nielsen has representative cooperation data (accounting for ___) to project total defined e-commerce retail market.

  • 75%
  • 79%
  • 85%
  • 89 %

If a client wants to find out which of their pre-roll ads on Youku and JD rolling banner generates greater traffic to their JD official store, which product will you recommend? (Single choice)

  • DAR
  • TraffiOPTI
  • ECOM Tracing/NDS
  • MTA

A FMCG client finds its after-sale rating on E-commerce platforms is really low and wants to find out consumers’ online feedback towards their product in detail. Which product you will suggest for the client? (Single choice)

  • NOA & NSI
  • TraffiOPTI
  • MTA
  • DAR

As there are so many programs on OTV websites, the client wants to find out which category or specific program they should put their ads on. Choose the big data products that can give related suggestion. (Multiple choices)

  • DAR
  • TraffiOPTI
  • Star Track
  • NOA

Which statement is true about Star Track? (single choice)

  • Star Track is used for celebrity selection only
  • Star Track can be only applied to Celebrity
  • Star Track leverages big data from Baidu, Sina Weibo and China Telecom
  • Star Track needs survey on different target groups

What is the research target for N-Score Product? (Single Choice)

  • Music Stars
  • Sport Stars
  • Movie Stars
  • All Stars

Which of the following data sources does Trace+ not include? (Single choice)

  • China Telecom
  • China UnionPay
  • Sina Weibo
  • China Unicom

What are the shared data sources of Star Track and Trace+?(Multiple Choices)

  • China Unicom
  • China Telecom
  • Baidu
  • Sina Weibo

If a sport store client wants to measure both online media exposure and offline OOH exposure, which product we can provide? (Single choice)

  • TraffiOPTI
  • N Score
  • Trace +
  • NDS