Bright Worldwide On-Boarding Course

We are pleased that you decided to join our Talent
Management Firm. We are looking forward to a
wonderful and successful experience. In order for us
to provide the necessary functions and accomplish
suitable casting opportunities we will need you to
supply us with the requested information in this on-boarding course.

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Talent Details

To get started, complete your Talent Details first then move on to the next section.

Once you access the talent details PLEASE remember to copy the development code: bright and paste it inside the registration box. The registration code will give you the first month FREE which will allow us both the time to set up your account, locate projects and prepare for upcoming opportunities. 

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How to waive first months fee.

Click here to access Talent Details form. Then apply the registration code to get your FREE month. This month we will work together and see if you're a good fit for our management firm.

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Section 2

Talent Contract

The second task you will need to complete is the Talent Contract. Our contract is non-exclusive so we don’t tie you down to simply using our firm to find gigs. You can use other agencies or managers if you wish. You may also terminate the contract whenever you’re ready however, once you see how productive your career becomes you’ll stay forever! Click here to sign the Talent Contract.

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Section 3

Professional Headshot/Comp Card


If you’re serious about your career you will need to invest in a professional headshot. A headshot is a professional 8 x 10 of you. In the US market, a headshot is exclusively in color, but in the UK’s market, it should be black and white. Very slowly, people are switching to color headshots, which is a very positive change. Casting directors use headshots to decide if you have the “right look” for the part. If they don’t like your headshot, you won’t even get to audition. Consequently, if you call yourself an actor, you must have a headshot. It’s that simple. Without a headshot, you won’t be cast unless you know the filmmakers personally and maybe not even then. And no, your friend cannot take a snapshot of you to be your headshot.


We can provide you with a list of vetted photographers if you do not have one. Be sure you use a professional photographer. This is your career we’re talking about. You don’t want to take any short cuts. When you hire a professional photographer, you’ll get someone who not only understands lighting and camera angles, but also someone who knows how to consistently capture the real you.

To view our list of professional photographers near you, click here. (Once you get to the website choose freelance as the type of photographer.) Then put in your zip code for the location. This will allow you to view professional photographers in your local area.

Do you have a professional headshot?

Finding a Photographer

Click here to find a local photographer. (Once you get to the website choose “freelance” as the “type of photographer.”) Then put in your zip code for the location. This will allow you to view professional photographers in your local area.

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Section 4

Casting and Auditions Details

Lastly, our talent management firm will submit you for available castings and auditions every month. To accurately achieve this task, we will need performer details from each and every talent member. Casting directors and studio producers require certain information from every actor and model before casting them in a production. To complete your “Performer Details” please click here.

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Done and done

It's a wrap!

That's all Folks!

Now it’s time for our firm to create your casting profile for the production studios. This may take a week or two but we guarantee accuracy. Your career is important to us and we want to make sure your profile has all the necessary information for the casting directors. We will send you an email notification once your profile has been successfully created. Let’s rock n roll!!

How long will it take our firm to prepare your casting profile?

  • 1 to 2 days
  • 1 to 2 weeks
  • A few days