Time Management inProjects Phases

There is a variety of projects out there others big/small projects in different industries and organizations. The basic measure of executing and completing a projects is that it requires structured a planning and vision about this project. Under Time Management these are some of the contents that will be covered.


LO1-Learners will be familiarised with how to manage thier time and the projects at hand. that will include the planning of projects up to the closure of projects.

Time Management of Projects



DURATION OF COURSE: 2 hrs per day


for this refresher training learners will be perfoming activities which they are familiar with and can apply them since its not initial training. some of these tasked you can be completed individually.

it is maily based on;

  • skills 


  • following of internal  processes

tasked to be completed by learner

learner will bgiven a task of water tanks to be delivered in schools before the 30 April 2017. in and around metro east district.

Assessment tools

the above task will be assessed under the following measures.

  1. Standard Policies of Project Management
  2. skills and techniques followed 
  3. team work. 


  • after the training the teams should be able to perfom indivivualy and independently.
  • the skills being improved for the teams woking with projects.

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When working on a projects which part come first; 1. is it planning?2. is it monitoring 3.

  • is it planning?
  • is it monitoring?

Under this topic the objectives for learners would be they need to know how to follow the course content and take it apart into small pieces. Use or implement information shared during learning period.Untitled section

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