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Learn the basics of the most intuitive buying tool.

This course is for PIECES employees only

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You've received an activation email from DIRECT. How do you activate you account?

  • I click on "ACTIVATE MY ACCOUNT" and enter my desired password
  • I click on "ACTIVATE MY ACCOUNT" and call IT

Which browser is recommended for DIRECT?

  • Internet Explorer version 10 or better
  • Internet Explorer version 9 (installed on most BESTSELLER computers)
  • Chrome
Choose two correct answers

Place the text boxes to the right spot on the picture

  • Wish list
  • Search filters

Which phone is compatible with DIRECT?

General DIRECT info

  • My customers can use DIRECT to place orders
  • Orders appears within 5 minutes in BI2 after entering them in DIRECT
  • Only styles for IMM-delivery are available on DIRECT
  • A shop can have as many users-accounts connected as possible
  • I can access DIRECT on web and app
  • I can place orders for multiple shops on the app
  • I can place orders for multiple shops on web
Choose whether or not below statements are true or false

Place an order

A style has been added to the basket. How would you enter the basket?

Click on the image to indicate where to enter the basket

Order fails at check-order. How to proceed?

  • Place the cursor on the blue exclamation sign to see what's wrong. Correct order if possible
  • Click on "Remove blocking items and check my order"
Drag-and-drop the answers in correct order

Showroom scenario