VO2 - Understanding Work Orders and Bids

This course explains Cyprexx work orders and bid approvals.

Work Orders and Bid Approvals

1. Work Orders

You will receive Cyprexx work orders via email. Always read your work orders very carefully as they will contain important details such as:

  • The property address
  • Description of work to be completed
  • Access information
  • Contact information for the assigned Cyprexx coordinator
  • Special instructions



Any questions about a work order should be directed to the assigned Cyprexx coordinator listed on the work order.

While onsite, always ensure you are able to produce your work order if asked. This documents that you are authorized to be at a property.


1a. Place your cursor over each "i" to see a description of each key element.

1b. Read the work order and then fill in the blanks below.

This work order is from our  department and it is for Client number . This assignment is to be completed on or before . The Cyprexx job number is . The amount you will be compensated for this job is . The lockbox code for this property is . Any questions should be directed to . You should report any after-hours emergencies by calling .

2. Bid Requests


Bid Request work orders prompt you to submit a bid and Before photos for a particular service. When you receive a bid request, you are expected to submit a bid (along with photos) within 24 hours.

Bids can be submitted 2 ways:

  • via email
  • via the Bid Portal on the vendor dashboard

3. Bid Approvals


Once you have submitted the requested bid and accompanying photos to Cyprexx, if your bid is approved, you will receive a Bid Approval. The Bid Approval confirms the services to be performed and the amount you will be paid for completing the service.

Services that you have bid on require approval BEFORE you proceed.


4. Work Orders: Best Practices

When you receive a work order, you should let the coordinator know that you received the assignment and provide them with an estimated date of completion. Upon accepting the assignment, you are expected to:

  • visit the property within 24 hours.
  • post any required notices (these are received along with the  work order). 
  • check to make sure the property is secure.
  • call from site if you encounter anything unusual or have any questions. 


5. Work Orders: Best Practices


If, for any reason, you cannot accept the work order or cannot complete the assignment within the allotted time, you must contact the assigned Cyprexx coordinator right away and advise them of the situation. It may be decided that you will complete the assignment later than expected or it may be necessary for the assignment to be sent to an alternate vendor.

(?) Fill in the Blanks

Work orders are received . If you have questions about the work order, call . If you receive a bid request for a service, you should submit the bid and photos . Never complete a bidded service unless you received a .

(?) When you receive a work order, you should...

  • read it carefully.
  • confirm that you received it and provide an estimated date of completion.
  • do nothing.

Select the correct answer(s) that apply.


  • Each work order (assignment) has a due date.
  • If you cannot complete an assignment by the due date, you should contact the assigned Cyprexx coordinator immediately.
  • Once you complete an assignment, take as much time as you need to report it and upload photos.

(Select TRUE or FALSE for each statement.)

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