Ethical Communication in the Workplace

Welcome to our learning module about communicating ethically using workplace technology. 

In beginning to discuss ethical workplace e-communication, this module will discuss proper use of e-mail communication, internal messenger systems, and electronic devices.

Ethical communication includes using professional, respectful and safe language across al platforms when using workplace technology, and limiting use of workplace technology to workplace tasks.

Lets begin!

Talking the Talk

What does electronic communication look like?

Let's begin to explore these popular forms of communication.

E-mailing in the Workplace

Best Practice's for E-Mail Communication

E-mailed jokes and stories received from friends to workplace e-mail addresses should be enjoyed and shared to any other parties who may find the e-mail entertaining.

Internal Messaging Systems

Best Practice's for Internal Messaging

It is improper use of Internal Messaging Systems to communicate employee's hours and staffing between payroll officers.

Technological Devices

Best Practice's for Technological Devices

In short, electronic communication in the workplace are exposed to risks that can make conduct unethical; in exercising caution across all platforms, electronic communication can be effective, efficient, and ethical.

Let's try some final skill-testing questions !

Which of the following is not a concern when considering ethics of electronic communication?

Considering the nature of Internal Messaging Systems, which of the following is the best-suited use?

Thank you!

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