Competency Induction

This short training session is to ensure that you understand the processes on AIS' new competency framework. 

You will be asked a set of questions at the end of the training and then a induction will be planned shortly after. 


Managing Competency

What is AIS' definition of Competency?

Why Manage Competence?

Why Manage Competency in Industry?


How will Competency be assessed?

You will be assessed by colleagues who will use various methods that are detailed below:

Observation When the allocated Assessor observes the candidate in the work place carrying out the task for real. 
Simulation A task is carried out but in a controlled (simulated) way i.e. fire drills, man overboard (using a dummy), CRT tasks (using a simulated control room), emergency response tasks etc. 
Questioning can be verbal, written, audio recorded etc.
Work Product is naturally occurring evidence from a task i.e. if you are assessing someone on P&ID’s then you can use the drawing as an example of their product of work (proof that they can do it).  
Witness Testimony Another competent person will watch a candidate perform part of the standard that they are being assessed against. 
Personal Statement This is similar to a witness testimony with the difference being that the learner writes the statement.  They describe how they completed a part of the task that they are being assessed on.
Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) This is when you can use previous learning as evidence.  For example if someone has a BOSIET certificate and you are assessing them on an offshore survival task then you could use this towards their assessment as long as it meets the particular criteria of the assessment and is up to date.



AIS VEO Software

Records of Training and Assessment


Training Needs Analysis

Staff Training Diary

How are we going to start doing this?

Re-Assessment Process

Internal Verification

Why do we Manage Competence?

  • To make employee's liable if something goes wrong.
  • To ensure that the workforce is safe and productive to a minimum quality Standard.
  • To catch people out that think they know what they are doing.
  • To get rid of people straight away who don't know what they are doing.

What is AIS' definition of Competency?

  • To be willing to apply a positive attitude, skills, experience, knowledge and understanding in the workplace and to be able to work to minimum standards safely’ and effectively.
  • To be able to work to the standards that are expected of us.
Select 'True' or 'False' for each statement

How will you know if you have to take part in an Assessment?

  • Competency Manager to update you in the first instance.
  • It is up to me to start assessing

What is the procedure name for this process?


Who will assess me?

  • Another competent colleague
  • Only my line manager
  • An external assessor

Thank You