Radiological Awareness

This e learning course is designed to both refresh and test your basic knowledge about radiation and radiological Safety.

If you are unable to meet the required standard you will have to resit the full course again.

Crossing a Standard Contamination Controlled Area Barrier

Entering a Contamination Controlled Area


  1. Leave outside clothing and personal belongings in your personal locker. You should bring over the barrier only items required for work, no newspapers and other personal items.
  2. Ensure you have collected all required dosimetry, normally an EPD.
  3. Sit on the barrier remove your personal shoes and put them in a clean side pigeon hole.
  4. Swing your legs over to the other side of the barrier ensuring your feet/socks do not touch the floor.
  5. Remove your controlled area work shoes from the controlled area side pigeon hole and place them on the floor.
  6. Slide feet into shoes and stand.
  7.  Go to your personal locker and remove your white coverall.
  8.  Open coverall, then without putting your feet on the floor remove one foot from a shoe and put foot and leg into one coverall leg and replace foot in shoe.
  9. Repeat the with the other leg.
  10. Put arms into the coverall and pull coverall over shoulders,
  11. Fasten coverall up to the neck,  and the studs at the wrists and ankles.
  12.  Attach your dosimetry to the left breast tab 
  13.  Place pass in the clear pocket

Where do you leave your personal shoes


select the correct answer

  • in your personal locker
  • In the clean side shoe pigeon holes
  • in controlled side pigeon holes
  • on the floor in front of the barrier