All Call - 10-03-2017

This test covers the material learned in the video "Conversations - FB Sales and Collections Training"

Conversations Test

Two of the greatest assets you have that are key to your success with FastBucks and performing your daily operations are? (check all that apply)

  • The Phones
  • Your Attitude
  • Your Car
  • Your Customer
  • The signage

To be successful your mindset has to be to provide what kind of service?

  • Good on the phones
  • Impeccable customer service.
  • Pay attention to the application
  • Know my lunch schedule

Attitude influences an individual’s choice of ___________ and_____________ to challenges

Attitude influences an individual’s choice of  and  to challenges

During dead time or silence while on the phone with customer, fill the empty spots with?

  • Hold time
  • conversation
  • questions
  • silence is OK

Proper Action Gets?


When I do my bank calls I need to put a note in the cue:

  • If I can draft that bank

With proper actions I will get results, what are some of those actions? (select all correct answers)

  • Read, ask, collect information from the customer
  • Don't worry about my collections
  • Collect all information in the computer and application
  • Clean my office
  • Create a strong sales routine

What should you do each Monday?

  • Evaluate your debt - Monday
  • Talk to your CSR

When you work accounts you should pay attention so you? (check all that apply)

  • Act Faster on 1st Payment Defaults
  • Look for Methods to streamline calls
  • Work to get through the calls on time
  • Assign them to your staff
  • Do not waste time

The key to effective calling is to work the account until you locate and confirm the customers payment

  • Yes