Jon EazyGenerator Test1

Be sure to start the training and then answer the questions and then move on until the nest slide until you are done with questions and then finish and then go back to work. 

Training Quiz on an Important Topic.

BLR stands for Business and Legal Rockets?

  • Pick True or False
Pick True or False. 

What does 'oui' mean in French?

  • Yes
  • We

It is safe to shower with a plugged in toaster?

  • Why not
  • No
  • Depends on the toaster
  • Only if you are wearing a raincoat

Click what is wrong with this picture

Please fill in the blank

If you punch your laptop it will (Work/Not Work) 

Select the right answer from the drpodown

Being safe at work is 

Please match the texts

  • BLR
    Best Company Ever
  • easygenerator
    Easy Quiz and Course Gnerator
  • Falling off a roof
    Hurts really bad