Know Your Code of Conduct

In this workshop we will : 1) Get introduced to the newly developed THPL Code of Conduct. 2) Understand the code of conduct and its abiding implications. 3) Understand how to report concerns 4) Know your Chief Ethics Counselor

Clause : 1 National interest

Clause : 2 Financial Reporting and Records

Clause:3 Fair Competition

Clause 4 : Dealings with Customers:

You look after maintaining your company’s customer database. One of your friends asks you for few details from this database for marketing purposes of his new business. He assures you that the data and source will be kept confidential. Should you do so?


Clause : 5 Equal Opportunities Employer

A job requires extensive travel. One of the candidates has excellent relevant experience & qualifications but is a single parent. So, I feel this would significantly hinder his / her ability to cope with the job requirement. What should I do?


Clause : 6 Dignity and Respect

Clause : 7 Gifts and Donations

Clause : 8 Government Agencies

Clause : 9 Political Non-alignment

Clause : 10 Health, Safety and Environment

Clause :11 Quality of Products and Services

Clause : 12 Corporate Citizenship

Clause : 13 Our Value - Chain Partners

Clause : 14 Cooperation of Tata & Tesco companies

Clause : 15 Public Representation of the Company and the Group (including representation in Social Media)

Our social media guidelines set out our approach and are built around four key areas given below. We call these guidelines as the 'T.A.T.A.' Guidelines

Our company has a “Use of Social Media” code that lays down the “do's and don’ts” for use of social media even if you may access such media on your own time. Why are there such guidelines?


Clause : 16 Third Party Representation

Clause : 17 Use of the Tata & Tesco Brands

Clause : 18 Group Policies

Clause : 19 Shareholders

Clause : 20 Ethical Conduct

Clause : 21 Regulatory Compliance

Clause : 22 Concurrent Employment

I am an accountant in my company. Due to my artistic skills, I received an offer to pen cartoons for a children’s publication for which I will receive compensation. I plan to undertake this activity during weekends. Could I accept the offer?


Clause : 23 Conflict of Interest

What comprises a conflict of interest?

Clause : 24 Securities Transactions and Confidential Information

Our company has recently announced a new business approach. In connection with this, your journalist friend has asked you to provide some details for him to cover in his upcoming article without revealing your identity. Should you share this information?


You have access to revenue numbers of our company. During a conversation with you, your friend asks about the financial performance of our company. You do not share detailed information but share approximate figures. Is this conduct of yours correct?


Clause : 25 Protecting Company Assets

Clause : 26 Citizenship

Clause : 27 Integrity of data furnished

You are attending a customer meeting with a colleague, and your colleague makes an untruthful statement about the company’s services. What should you do?


Clause : 28 Clear Prices, Promotions and Marketing

Clause : 29 Reporting Concerns

My supervisor has asked me to do something which I believe may be illegal. I am afraid if I do not do what I am told, I could lose my job. Should I do it?


I feel that my supervisor is treating me unfairly for reporting a concern to the Ethics Counsellor. What should I do?




SPEAK UP… If you are unsure whether a particular action you are about to take is consistent with the principles set forth in the Code, ask yourself: